Product Showcase

Cut Your Thermal Costs-Customers can get FLIR Systems' select network-ready thermal cameras at a lower price, for as little as $2,995. The cameras can be used for applications such as securing nuclear, petrochemical and critical infrastructure facilities and are optimized for use with video analytics, fitting easily into analog networks.

Get Your Surround Video Here!-Arecont Vision's SurroundVideo 20 megapixel H.264 cameras are designed to provide higher-resolution 180-degree or 360-degree panoramic views and can replace up to 65 conventional cameras. They use four high-sensitivity 5 megapixel sensors, each offering a 2592x1944 pixel view at 11.5 fps, for a total image area of 10,368 x1944 pixels at 2.8 fps.

These Models Withstand the Light-Axis Communications' indoor P3367-V and outdoor-ready P3367-VE fixed dome network cameras (pictured) deliver five megapixel resolution video at 12 fps and support HDTV 1080p video at 30 fps. The cameras feature H.264 video compression, powerful digital PTZ capabilities and multi-view streaming. They incorporate P-Iris control, allowing users to view image details in areas with poor lighting.

Video Surveillance Day and Night-Bosch Security Systems' WZ Series IR bullet and dome cameras offer resolutions up to 540 TVL and night vision imaging up to 150 feet. Integrated active infrared illumination delivers low-noise images at night to minimize video storage requirements. The photocell-controlled LEDs provide accurate on/off switching for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

To Infiniti and Beyond-The Infiniti Integrated Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera series from Dedicated Micros (part of the AD Group) features an IP CCTV camera, thermal imaging unit, screen wiper/washer control and integrated pan and tilt mechanism, in one robust package. The unit features a germanium window for thermal accuracy, an uncooled high-resolution sensor, an athermally stabilized lens, and choice of focal lengths.

Ideal for Police Enforcement-Digital Ally's Thermal Ally is a small, versatile, lightweight thermal camera which when used in total darkness, can increase an officer's vision, safety and effectiveness, allowing them to work undetected. It is equipped with a 20 millimeter lens, which provides a 17 x 12.8-degree field of view. It weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 7 x 2.5 x 3.75-inches.

Total Connect Video Services-Honeywell's IPCAM-WO outdoor IP camera, combined with its Total Connect, allows home and business owners to access video from any Web-enabled device. This helps increase recurring monthly revenue (RMR) opportunities for security dealers. The camera includes an IP6-rated housing enclosure and waterproof connectors and provides day/night capabilities with enhanced light sensitivity detection.

Dual Imaging Capabilities-The IR16DS thermal imaging camera from Irisys, designed for engineers on the move, enables them to capture and display thermal images, visual images, a fusion of the two, or as picture-in-picture, making it easier to identify hot and cold spots, vital when making electrical inspections, energy efficiency surveys and for mechanical testing.

IR/Thermal System Sees All-Iscon Video Imaging's GameChangeIR is an advanced imaging technology system designed to reveal objects hidden under a person's clothing. The portable system produces a thermal imprint viewed through a sophisticated Infrared camera. Images can be time and date stamped and/or saved for later recall.

Uncooled Thermal Observes Sensitive Sites-Opgal Optronics Industries' EyeSec 15-100 millimeter continuous zoom thermal imaging outdoor camera offers a wide operating range providing situational awareness in a variety of security applications. The camera is based on Opgal's highly sensitive uncooled microbolometer engines. It provides continuous zoom auto-focus with thermal capabilities for night vision.

Casino Cam-VITEK Industrial Video Products' VTC-C770WS Pixim-powered WDR color CCD camera with 700TVL is specifically designed to meet the lighting and specialized demands of the casino environment. It provides advanced on-screen display with optional UTC remote and true ICR day/night functions.