Driving Ms. Smartphone

Shift into high gear with new technologies

And it was at other places at the show, at the Cernium booth where the analytics company is working with Sprint 3G to bring more wireless broadband video surveillance capabilities to its CheckVideo hosted video analytics solution for central stations. Or, at the ControlByNet booth where CEO Ryan Strange talked about security integrators using the hosted surveillance solution in critical vertical markets. Or, at the KORE Wireless booth, where Stefan Spurrell, National Sales Manager-Canada, talked about the company’s fully digital wireless network provider focused exclusively on the rapidly expanding machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market, and how its offering provides a self-management portal for all wireless network requirements, whether GSM or CDMA.

We may not all like new technology, but we have to embrace it or die on the vine. That’s just what Miss Daisy did, embraced her future, living to be a ripe old age.