Retail Roundup: Add Value to the Channel

Better business intelligence is the solution that sells

Simons said that one company had amassed over $400,000 in fines, so the program was poised to save just as much and the customer could readily see the value. "There are over 2,500 individual rules and permits for the industry," Simons continued. "If they don't have an alarm permit in place, the penalty is exponential. If they get a false alarm, fine. But if they get a false alarm and they don't have a permit it might be three times that amount."

Vector is also integrating video with point of sale and customer counting, letting retailers assess what times their stores are heavily trafficked or lightly traveled.

Retail customers are plagued by employee and internal theft and need to make better use of their systems and services in place. They are increasingly turning to video surveillance integrated with point of sale and other business intelligence operations. Integrators who provide value-added solutions that are more than security have great opportunity within the vertical.


Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is still a mainstay of retailer's protection and detection. It comes in many form factors. Sensormatic EAS systems ( use one or more pedestals or antennas configured to create a surveillance zone at exits or checkout lanes. Pedestals can provide visible deterrence while concealed systems offer more discreet protection for upscale retail environments. Sensormatic also has AcoustoMagnetic EAS labels that provide greater supply chain efficiencies, increased sales, reduced shrink and greater profitability for both the retailer and the manufacturer. The company's Smart EAS products help integrate their EAS, people-counting, video and point-of-sale into their IT networks.

Another well-known player in the marketplace is Checkpoint Systems Inc., Thorofare, N.J. The company provides shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labelilng solutions and recently introduced the CheckCare Real-time Service, offering its EVOLVE and Liberty/3G Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) customers the convenience of remote support for fast, streamlined service and maintenance.

CheckCare Real-time Service includes a globally applicable combination of modem hardware and an airtime provider to allow both the download and upload of data from an EAS installation, regardless of its location. The installation of a mobile wireless modem in each store location frees the retailer from having to provide any telecommunications equipment or IT connection points - both stumbling blocks to remote service in the past.

"Retailers all over the world install EAS systems to protect their merchandise from theft," noted Etienne Maricq, worldwide vice president, Checkpoint Systems' Global Field Service organization. "It is essential that the systems work efficiently, yet discreetly at all times."

Other companies in the industry include: UNISEN (; Ketec (; and Control Electronic Security (

Megapixel Technology Protects Jet Oil Assets

JET Oil has installed megapixel technology at 24 of its unmanned gasoline stations. The IP video surveillance systems achieved considerable success in reducing equipment tampering and in increasing asset protection. JET Oil operates 120 stations throughout Sweden. The integrator for on-going installation is Niscayah and the supplier of IQinVision HD cameras is distribution firm Svensk S„kerhetsvideo AB.

Each JET station is an automatic operation. Three IQeye 702 cameras are strategically located at each JET station to protect on-site assets, provide surveillance to guard against customers tampering with pumping equipment and monitor buildings which house pump technical control equipment. Images are managed by Milestone Systems' open platform IP video recording software.

JET Oil plans to install the system in at least eight more stations over the next few months and is exploring connecting each site to a central remote monitoring center. "We have seen a marked increase in our business with gasoline stations throughout Europe," said Ramon Grado, IQinVision EMEA Managing Director. "Our HD megapixel technology is paying off in terms of return on investment for our end-users in preventing driveaways and in protecting expensive assets. This application for unmanned stations is particularly attractive for gas station companies in Europe and around the world."