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Secured Cities: Sold-Out Crowd Hears Messages from Municipalities
First conference surpasses attendance expectations

More than 170 attendees turned out for the first Secured Cities conference, produced by Cygnus Business Media, including; Security Technology Executive; Security Dealer & Integrator; Law Enforcement Technology;; and Law Enforcement Product News.

Held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel in Atlanta, the conference was sponsored by vendors Anixter, Axis Communications, Ciber, Cisco, Firetide, Milestone Systems, Pivot3 and Siemens. Cisco also was the official sponsor of the networking reception held during the two-day event.

Billed as the premier conference on municipal video surveillance, the inaugural event was expected to have some 95 to 100 in attendance, and well surpassed those numbers with its 170+ registered attendees.

Geoff Kohl, Secured Cities conference director and editor-in-chief/associate publisher of opened the conference by thanking attendees and indicating that the time for municipal video systems had certainly come. "This is the first conference dedicated to municipal surveillance," Kohl said. "Before this, cities had to figure all this out on their own, but that's no longer the case."

"Municipal video system projects are rapidly expanding, both in small and large jurisdictions," he said. "Video is a force multiplier and adds situational awareness." These systems are being installed in downtown areas and other areas as well, many being tied into other video systems, such as those by private businesses. Private-public partnerships are helping increase the use of video. "This is not the big brother conference, our goal is to make citizens feel safe," Kohl added.

Conference sessions were divided into operations/management and technical tracks and included topics on strategies; funding; video monitoring and applications; wireless; safe neighborhoods and cities; lessons learned; IT infrastructure and data integration; how video affects crime; and public-private partnerships. Secured Cities also included a tour of Atlanta municipal surveillance facilities, including the 911 Integration/Real-Time Crime Analysis center; the Zone 5 video monitoring center; and key street camera locations.
Speaker Rob Hile, director of Integrated Security Solutions for Siemens Industry Building Technologies Division, Buffalo Grove, Ill., led the session: "A Vision for Safer Neighborhoods, Safer Cities." Hile presented information on a new video integration project at the Chicago Housing Authority and also shared trends Siemens has witnessed in the industry. He said the top three concerns by cities are money, or a lack thereof of funding; energy; and security.

Next Up: Secured Cities Baltimore

The next Secured Cities conference is slated for November 10 through 11 in Baltimore and will follow a schedule similar to the Atlanta inaugural event. Watch for more information on the educational conference and sponsorship opportunities.

New Launch: Database of Projects and Consultants

Integrators, manufacturers and others now have a dedicated database to help find those in the industry who are actively specifying security and related systems.

According to Ray Coulombe, founder and managing director of, the resource was launched with the goal of becoming the largest searchable database for physical security and intelligent transport systems and a platform for the industry to interact with them.

"The Physical Security Specifier Database is designed to put integrators and others in touch with the people who are actually specifying security systems," said Coulombe. "The first part of it is the construction database of some 1,100-plus specifiers and growing. We wanted to create a site that works for consultants and provides value for them and vendors and integrators as well."

Coulombe estimated that specifiers drive in access of $10 billion in security product sales annually.

Enabling security specifier interaction

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