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Custom card personalization is increasingly critical. HID Global's Identity on Demand service provides access to a wide range of visual security elements that protect against tampering and forgery, including:

- Registered embedded holograms
- Holographic over-laminates
- Smart card contacts
- High-definition, lithographic and digital printing
- Over-the-edge high-definition printing
- Personalized record data and variable graphics
- Sub-surface lithographic and digital printing, and embedded anti-counterfeiting

Bringing these and other elements together into a successful badging project can require significant planning, resources and logistics. Offloading this work to an experienced service bureau can reduce total overall costs while ensuring consistently high quality and on-time delivery performance. Now, with the advent of secure, web-enabled project management from companies like HID Global, customers also can more easily manage data transfers and re-order existing formats while simplifying project status tracking and monitoring.

Revolutionizing Service, One Customer at a Time

The Tech Tracker service from systems integrator Protection 1, Romeoville, Ill., is not a new concept. The process is two-fold: First, the automated attendant was removed and instead, callers are connected to a live attendant, typically within a matter of three seconds or within one ring. Second, the Tech Tracker technician notification service lets the customer go about his or her day, notifying them when their technician is en route; and it provides a photo of their technician with a list of certifications and qualifications to provide the customer with piece of mind. It's no surprise the service has been well-received by customers of the systems integrator.

"We're all consumers outside of our jobs," said Jamie Haenggi, chief marketing and customer experience officer, Protection 1. "We wait for the phone company, we call the plumber, we wait for the cable company-we all have our experiences. But it comes down to the matter of top-down leadership and really making customer service a true priority." Haenggi recalled the day one of the first challenges President and CEO Timothy J. Whall presented to the Protection 1 team-to get rid of the automated attendant. "A lot of companies talk about how important it is to save customers and create the experience but the reality is, they invest a lot in new sales," continued Haenggi.

"Two of the greatest frustrations of customers - whether they're homeowners or business owners - are calling in for customer service and waiting around for service technicians to arrive," said Whall. "Tech Tracker is just one more way we're using technology and good old-fashioned common sense to enhance our customer service."

The training process

The team invested a lot of time and money and resources in training agents who respond to customer calls using the TechTracker, confirmed Joseph Sanchez, senior vice president of Customer Operations.

"The training environment for our agents consists of in-classroom and online time with a mentor and actually taking calls," said Sanchez. "But you really can't keep them in the training environment and teach them every last thing they need to know before they get on the phone with a client." To train their agents, Protection 1 utilizes a lot of concepts heavy on the customer experience. "We also train them on where to go to get the information," necessary to assist a caller, explained Sanchez. "We don't expect all our representatives to know everything, but we do expect them to know where to go to get the user manuals to talk somebody through simple items, such as changing a user code or turning your chime on and off or adjusting the light on the back of your keypad," he continued.

The removal of the auto attendant as well as the new Tech Tracker service, which is now available nationally, have both been met with numerous customer accolades.