Product watch

Harness the Sun for Security

Securitron expanded its DC power supply offering with the introduction of the Boxed Power Supply Solar or BPSS in 10 and 20 Watts. These self-contained solar-powered solutions are for single-point lock control and for applications where access to the power grid is inconvenient, too expensive or not possible.

Space Saving Rack Config

Video Mount Products unveiled the ER-148 equipment rack for thermal and cable management installations where space is at a premium. The unit has a rail height of 48 inches and includes 27 rack spaces and standard 10 to 32 threading. It also features steel construction and a black static powder coat finish.

New HD Cameras Come to Market

Sanyo released a series of nine HD surveillance cameras that offer up to 4MP MJPEG and Full High Definition (HD) video for critical security monitoring. The Full HD 1080p and full frame rate compatible network cameras with multi-streaming H.264 and MJPEG codecs includes four different form factors: Box, Dome, Zoom and PTZ.

Video on the Fly

Feeling Software partnered with Genetec to introduce iGuard, a new IPod Touch and iPhone application for mobile IP video surveillance. Designed for multi-camera security systems, iGuard takes advantage of wireless connectivity and intuitive touch screen interface of the iPod touch and iPhone. A security officer or user can rapidly scan through camera locations, select a specific live camera feel and move and zoom the camera in real time.

Automated Situational Awareness

AWARE from Abeo Technical Solutions is an advanced analysis system solution which consolidates and aggregates detection and surveillance sensors, analyzes and verifies anomalies and alerts responders via an automated notification feature.

Protection Against Vandals

The 1221E Strobe Damage Stopper from STI helps protect strobe units against vandalism and damage. This cover has an open back box which is useful for retrofits or for flush mounted units. This virtually indestructible, UL-listed cover is solid for strobe-only alarms. It is molded of clear, thick, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material and is backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use.

HD Dome Cameras Deliver HDSM

Avigilon introduced its Panoramic high definition dome camera with high definition stream management (HDSM). The camera uses four 2MP sensors to achieve either 180-degree or 360-degree coverage. With the Avigilon 180 degree Panoramic HD Dome Camera, each lens covers a 45-degree field of view, while each lens in the Avigilon 360° Panoramic HD Dome Camera covers a 90-degree field of view.

Hybrid Copper/Fiber Cable

Berk-Tek announced the development of a new hybrid cable, combining fiber strands and copper conductors under one jacket and developed to provide data, video and power with one cable out to extended distances. With the growing popularity of IP cameras for closed-circuit installations, utilizing a hybrid cable along with media converters, much longer distances can be easily accommodated.

Long-Range Infrared Imager

Bosch Security Systems’ ZX55 Infrared Imager is a long-range camera that provides a night imaging solution for outdoor surveillance applications. Available in IP and analog, the camera captures detailed scenes up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) in total darkness. Additional optics provides users the ability to monitor long stretches of perimeter with a wide-angle field of view or to narrow the scene to a particular asset or section of perimeter.

Collaboration Results in Integrated OVR

The roll-out of Brivo Systems’ OVR WebService was the result of technology collaboration with Dell. Brivo completed this addition to its Software as a Service (SaaS) access control solution—an integrated, online video recorder (OVR) that streams IP video from customer locations to a secure Web-hosting facility.

Vandal Resistant to the Max

Canon U.S.A. released the VB-C500VD, built for indoor use and designed with features to make it suited for locations where a fixed indoor security camera is needed and may be susceptible to vandalism or tampering. Part of the design of this camera is Canon’s multi-directional shock absorber, a four-spring mechanism designed to protect the camera by lessening the effects of impact from various angles.

Accelerator Board

Continental Access offers a high speed accelerator board upgrade to its SuperTerm or Turbo SuperTerm controllers to provide continuous use for panels for years to come. With speeds of 921.6Kbs, downloads and communications take 1/10 the time of previous speeds.

Long Range Identification

Deister Electronic U.S.A. released the Deister TransSpeed line which offers long range identification. The product is designed for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and driver identification applications and uses UHF and microwave technology

Software Protects Exhibits in Museums and Galleries

Geutebruck’s ‘VA-Missing’ software detects the removal of static objects from video-monitored scenes in museums, galleries and other exhibition venues. VA-Missing compares the current image with its own background model of the scene and checks out discrepancies for matches with freely-defined criteria such as location, duration and object size.

‘Clean’ Desktop Reader

HID Global’s OMNIKEY®5321 CR USB Reader is a waterproof contactless PC-linked smart card reader that enables the use of logical access in hygienic environments. It features support for HID iCLASS® and MIFARE®, as well as three ISO standards for contactless cards, including ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693 and Microsoft® WHQL.

Economical DVR

Infinova’s V3009 4L, an economy 4-channel digital video recorder (DVR) supports CIF resolution and features H.264 compression technology with the capacity to support up to four serial ATA (SATA) hard disks. The V3009 embedded DVR can work independently at a local site, or as part of a powerful security surveillance network.

Quotation Software

A new solution from iQuote Xpress is their new quotation software product, an ideal sales tool for any company which issues sales quotes to generate orders. It hosts and administers the contents of your sales catalog on its secure server farm.

Telephone Entry Plus Access Control

Kantech offers the Telephone Entry System, an integrated telephone entry intercom and access control panel designed for applications including multi-tenant apartment buildings and commercial offices. For small sites such as professional offices, the Telephone Entry System comes complete with a simplified version of the EntraPass software for system configuration and firmware upgrades.

Plug-in Wireless Network Module

Secura Key released a wireless network module allowing the company’s SK-ACP 2-door access control panel to connect to a local area network. The SK-WLS MOD for 802.11b/g plugs directly into the SK-ACP panel (Revision N or later) and receives its power from the panel. This module replaces outboard network adapters and provides network access in locations where there is no preexisting Ethernet cable.

Internet Communications for Security Panels

Sequel Technologies offers enhanced Internet capabilities for its alarm panels. Ethernet Interface Module is fast, customizable and compatible with IP cameras and smart phones. The latest version of Sequel’s Ethernet Interface Module (EIM) provides a faster graphical user interface (GUI), support for IP cameras and the ability for dealers to customize the Web interface with their logo and contact information.

High Capacity Ethernet Switch

ComNet offers the Comworx CNGE2FE24MSPoE Ethernet switch, which provides a high port density in a compact package and Power over Ethernet to peripheral devices such as IP cameras and video encoders. This hardened Ethernet switch is designed to operate in environments where extremes of temperature and vibration are a consideration. All 24 ports support IEEE.802.3af based PoE.

Single Server Software and Turn Key Solution

DVTel offers its Solus VMS, an IP-based video surveillance software and turnkey solution for the entry-level marketplace. Developed for configurations of up to 32 cameras, this out-of-the-box solution is for installations where the end-user wants a networked system and is looking for a single-server solution.

Single Radio Units

Now available from Fluidmesh Networks is the Fluidmesh 2100, a single radio version of the Fluidmesh 2200 Endo. Like the 2200 Endo, the 2100 is designed to be embedded in custom-made, outdoor enclosures for special applications. It supports the patent-pending FluidMAX™ technology and includes the EasyMesh™ platform and the FMQuadro™ Web interface which allows the user to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the wireless network in real time without the need for additional software.

Virtual Studios

With FOR-A’s VRCAM Sensor-less Virtual Studio System, a virtual studio can be created without any modifications to existing cameras, lenses, tripods or other parts of an established camera system. VRCAM is an award-winning plug-in for the Brainstorm eStudio 3D real-time graphics software package that supports up to four fixed cameras.

IP Mini Domes

New from Quaddrix Technologies is the oQ-200-10X IP PTZ Day/Night Indoor Mini Dome. It is the IP version of the Quaddrix mini speed dome, built in with a reliable P/T mechanism and equipped with a high resolution CCD video capture device, providing up to 500TVL in color mode and 570TVL in black and white mode.

Locate Intrusions over Large Perimeters

The SightSensor intelligent video cameras from Sightlogix provide detection to locate intrusions over large perimeters and outdoor areas. Edge-based video analytics, GPS-based target tracking, and five times the typical processing power at the “network edge” provide outdoor detection accuracy in all environments.

IP Integration Added to Access Control Solution

Software House releases C•CURE 800/8000 (version 10.0) access control software to support the iSTAR Edge two-reader IP edge door controller. Version 10.0 of the C•CURE 800/8000 access control and security system software has been designed to take advantage of peer-to-peer communications, clustering, intrusion zones and keypad commands, extended card formats and cluster-based anti-passback.

Video Commander Kit

Sperry West offers wireless video surveillance kits SW3008-C12V and SW3030 to catch and record l crimes. The surveillance kits and other video commander kits are currently in use by government facilities as well as corporations, hospitals, schools and other entities. The kits offer a cost effective way to obtain quick and irrefutable evidence of crimes using high power, 5.8 GHz frequency transmission and highly sensitive receivers.

Reflected Beam Smoke Detector Application Guide

System Sensor released the newly revised Applications Guide: Single-Ended Reflected Beam Smoke Detector publication. This guide provides information on the proper utilization of beam smoke detectors in life safety and property protection applications. The guide also summarizes the operating principles of single-ended reflected beam smoke detectors, their design requirements and their practical applications as a component of an automatic fire alarm system.

New Marketing Tact

Security Lock Distributors launched a “Did you know…” marketing campaign to increase awareness of their full range of door hardware solutions. The campaign emphasizes SLD’s 2.1 million in stock SKUs as well as extensive Internet commerce tools, 24/7 online quoting, ordering and tracking, live chat service, and customer support staff.

Roamalert for Healthcare Settings

The launch of RoamAlert 1.5 from Stanley Healthcare Solutions provides an update to its RoamAlert resident safety system. A small wireless pendant tag enables a resident to call for help from anywhere in the facility. The RoamAlert system will immediately generate an alarm in the RoamAlert software identifying the resident, time and exact location.

Wireless System for Integrated Homes

The PowerMax+ wireless system from Visonic is accessible from anywhere via the Internet, cellular or landline phones. Its wide range of peripherals includes motion sensors, door/window magnetic contacts, glass, smoke, flooding, gas and CO detectors, external wireless siren, GSM, keypads, personal emergency buttons and cameras.

Pentaplex DVR

The EverFocus Paragon264 series H.264 pentaplex DVR offers true 1080p with an entire megapixel of resolution allocated to main monitor display. HDMI digital output delivers stunning images from any resolution and enhances motion reproduction to deliver smoother and clearer looking video. With an easy-to-use GUI menu, users can click the screen to select live or playback on the selected channel, change screen layouts or modify recording parameters.

Keeping Data Centers Current

The NetShelter SX enclosure and rack PDUs from APC by Schneider Electric is a system designed to accommodate HD blade servers and large core switches while addressing corresponding power, cooling, and space challenges. The integrated zero-U rear channels provide tool-less mounting of cable managers and low-profile rack PDUs, and large-capacity cable managers allow easy routing and management of HD networking applications.