Product watch

A look at what’s new in the market

Single Radio Units

Now available from Fluidmesh Networks is the Fluidmesh 2100, a single radio version of the Fluidmesh 2200 Endo. Like the 2200 Endo, the 2100 is designed to be embedded in custom-made, outdoor enclosures for special applications. It supports the patent-pending FluidMAX™ technology and includes the EasyMesh™ platform and the FMQuadro™ Web interface which allows the user to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the wireless network in real time without the need for additional software.

Virtual Studios

With FOR-A’s VRCAM Sensor-less Virtual Studio System, a virtual studio can be created without any modifications to existing cameras, lenses, tripods or other parts of an established camera system. VRCAM is an award-winning plug-in for the Brainstorm eStudio 3D real-time graphics software package that supports up to four fixed cameras.

IP Mini Domes

New from Quaddrix Technologies is the oQ-200-10X IP PTZ Day/Night Indoor Mini Dome. It is the IP version of the Quaddrix mini speed dome, built in with a reliable P/T mechanism and equipped with a high resolution CCD video capture device, providing up to 500TVL in color mode and 570TVL in black and white mode.

Locate Intrusions over Large Perimeters

The SightSensor intelligent video cameras from Sightlogix provide detection to locate intrusions over large perimeters and outdoor areas. Edge-based video analytics, GPS-based target tracking, and five times the typical processing power at the “network edge” provide outdoor detection accuracy in all environments.

IP Integration Added to Access Control Solution

Software House releases C•CURE 800/8000 (version 10.0) access control software to support the iSTAR Edge two-reader IP edge door controller. Version 10.0 of the C•CURE 800/8000 access control and security system software has been designed to take advantage of peer-to-peer communications, clustering, intrusion zones and keypad commands, extended card formats and cluster-based anti-passback.

Video Commander Kit

Sperry West offers wireless video surveillance kits SW3008-C12V and SW3030 to catch and record l crimes. The surveillance kits and other video commander kits are currently in use by government facilities as well as corporations, hospitals, schools and other entities. The kits offer a cost effective way to obtain quick and irrefutable evidence of crimes using high power, 5.8 GHz frequency transmission and highly sensitive receivers.

Reflected Beam Smoke Detector Application Guide

System Sensor released the newly revised Applications Guide: Single-Ended Reflected Beam Smoke Detector publication. This guide provides information on the proper utilization of beam smoke detectors in life safety and property protection applications. The guide also summarizes the operating principles of single-ended reflected beam smoke detectors, their design requirements and their practical applications as a component of an automatic fire alarm system.

New Marketing Tact

Security Lock Distributors launched a “Did you know…” marketing campaign to increase awareness of their full range of door hardware solutions. The campaign emphasizes SLD’s 2.1 million in stock SKUs as well as extensive Internet commerce tools, 24/7 online quoting, ordering and tracking, live chat service, and customer support staff.

Roamalert for Healthcare Settings

The launch of RoamAlert 1.5 from Stanley Healthcare Solutions provides an update to its RoamAlert resident safety system. A small wireless pendant tag enables a resident to call for help from anywhere in the facility. The RoamAlert system will immediately generate an alarm in the RoamAlert software identifying the resident, time and exact location.

Wireless System for Integrated Homes

The PowerMax+ wireless system from Visonic is accessible from anywhere via the Internet, cellular or landline phones. Its wide range of peripherals includes motion sensors, door/window magnetic contacts, glass, smoke, flooding, gas and CO detectors, external wireless siren, GSM, keypads, personal emergency buttons and cameras.