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Stanley’s Convergence Center of Excellence raises the bar for integrated solutions

Lance Holloway, Jim Kopplin and Damon Kanzler (left to right)

With their Convergence Center of Excellence (CCE) already operating in full swing, located in Noblesville, Ind., Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (CSS), a company part of the Stanley Works that designs, installs, monitors and services security systems for industrial, government, commercial, residential and national account customers, is already seeing positive feedback from its customers.

“The CCE is able to address not just that advantage nearing systems integration approach but it’s also able to bring a very much needed consistency where we’ve had a lot of strong leadership in the past, anything from how our CAD drawings look consistently across the nation to training and beyond,” explained Lance Holloway, director of Technology Strategy, Stanley CSS.
Stanley established the CCE as a centralized organization, fully dedicated to world-class, enterprise-level integration solutions, design, delivery and support to customers across North America.

“How it works is we’ve automated our sales tool with a CRM so when a job goes into the sales automation our applications engineers in Indianapolis are able to see it,” explained Damon Kanzler, vice president, National Account Operations, Stanley CSS. “There are different thresholds set where they work on the projects. And they will work on it, supporting the local team, which will than deliver it. If they need support in delivering some projects, we than have the means and the resources from the CCE to send out an engineer to one of our branches to help support and deliver it.”

The Stanley CCE team is comprised of highly-trained, degreed manufacturer certified technology professionals and engineers, certified .NET software developers and Microsoft certified enterprise-level professionals. This high-level team consists of Stanley CSS’ best-of-the-best Application Engineers, System Engineers, Computer Aided Design Engineers, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, Program Managers, Commissioning Engineers, Certified Software Specialists, Senior Systems Analysts and Team Managers/Leaders.

“The customer will always deal with the sales professional first,” explained Jim Kopplin, vice president of field operations, North America, Stanley CSS. “They typically won’t deal with the CCE directly unless that sales professional of that branch office decides to bring somebody from the CCE to work with a customer. So as a customer comes in and request a project, they’ll deal with our sales professional to get the process started. When they come back and go to the local branch and are looking for the support to help deliver the project, to help design it, all the different aspects that go into putting that project together, than that branch will work with the CCE.”

The CCE is designed to handle such system integration projects as enterprise wide global program management, deployment and support of diverse technology systems; PLC hardware, database and SDK/API level software and system integration with network and other open architecture certified software and more.

Vitek Roadshow Blows Into the Windy City

Anthony Hong, research and development manager for Vitek gives attendees a hands-on demonstration of Vitek’s product technology.

The snow and cold weather didn’t stop the bravest from attending the VITEK Industrial Video Products Road Show, held early December in Deerfield, Ill. Demoing a number of their DVRs and cameras onsite were Anthony Hong, research and development manager and Frank Abrams, vice president of sales and operations for Vitek.

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