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Stanley’s Convergence Center of Excellence raises the bar for integrated solutions

“We try to provide a complete one stop shop solution for our customers,” explained Hong. “What we do well other than some of the other manufacturers is we are able to modify and deliver products faster than anybody else. We do our own in-house research and product development.”

Among the things on the roadmap for Vitek in 2010 include their HD DVR system, which will be delivered over coax and available at 720 progressive lines of resolution, scheduled to launch in March 2010. Vitek also discussed offering software solutions as well as their 2nd generation IR bullet cameras.

Case Continues to Develop Between Sonitrol and Stanley

Ongoing litigation between The Sonitrol National Dealers Association (SNDA) and Stanley Works continues. In the lawsuit brought on by the SNDA, they are requesting Stanley Works, which acquired Sonitrol, a provider of high-end security systems that use audio listening devices as the primary means of intrusion detection, in mid-2008, to live up to certain longstanding agreements between the Sonitrol Corporation and its network of franchisees.

“Stanley owns the [Sonitrol] trademark,” explained Paul Nickel, member of the SNDA. “But they are forbidden from using Sonitrol products and services in markets where independent franchises have been in business for decades. We look to the courts to decide on each party’s rights and obligations under the multitude of franchise agreements, in other words, what obligations did they inherit as the new Sonitrol franchisor. There is potential for a fair amount of overlap, brand confusion, and competition. They’re in an unenviable position of being our franchisor and also a competitor with non-Sonitrol products. So that’s what this is all about—to have the courts decide how to execute those rights and obligations.”

Nickel continued in pointing out the strain that the ongoing litigations between the SNDA and Stanley Works are having on the mutual relationship. “There are a number of issues that affect the independent network that need clarification,” Nickel continued. “It’s been frustrating for both sides. To date, we’ve been unable to resolve these issues by negotiating a new and equitable franchise agreement. The preferable position is to leverage our mutual strengths locally and internationally.”

The Stanley Works has declined comment on the case, saying it does not comment on ongoing litigation.


NICE Buy: Evolution of a Total Solution

The $22 million purchase of physical security information management (PSIM) company Orsus by NICE Systems in late November was a natural evolution for NICE, which has been moving in the direction of total integrated surveillance solutions for some time.

“We believe in the vision that Orsus has -- to bring together for the systems integrator a security platform that links disparate systems together for their customers,” said Chris Wooten, president, Security Division Americas, NICE. Customers continue to evolve their security environment from different siloed applications and they need a single ‘point of truth’, a common platform, he said. “We plan to maintain the flagship Orsus Situator product and really believe in the value the people and the R&D leadership at Orsus. We will focus our initiatives around the systems integrators and their needs,” Wooten said.

NICE systems, an Israel-based company, knows there’s lots of legacy equipment in the field and wants to help installers integrate existing systems while avoiding a forklift upgrade, something the end user wants to avoid in these unsure economic times, Wooten said. “The end user wants to know they can keep their existing equipment, with the ultimate goal of automating the work flow so the end user can respond faster. “

The purchase takes NICE from analytics and video into a future of situation management, continued Wooten. Orsus’ Situator provides a framework for fusing data silos from disparate security and safety systems as well as multiple command and control centers, into a single, holistic operational view and automating security procedures. The integration of Orsus’ solution with NICE’s security offering, including video, and vertical domain expertise, will enable NICE to provide a comprehensive pre-integrated portfolio of security management solutions tailored to protect city centers, transportation systems, critical infrastructure, and enterprise campuses.