Don’t use plain old telephone service, do sse a preferred alternative network service

Wired or wireless: Which is best for my application?

In the past few years we have seen some rather distinct trends appear that really start to define some market segments as far as wired and wireless IP communication. Wired IP communication works best when it is part of a managed network or Internet connection that has battery backed up routers and some type of routine IT maintenance, like what you would find at a typical business or larger commercial environment. Since most of us don’t have that type of service in our homes, combined with the fact that we like to occasionally change DSL or Cable provider for the best service and rates available, wired IP may not be the most reliable method for these environments, which is why wireless IP is becoming the favorite method for residential burg installs.

Derric Roof of Central Alarm in Tucson, Ariz., stated, “We started in 1939 so we have seen a great deal of changes in communications. It is nice to now have panels that all we have to do is plug in a transformer and communicate over the cell network directly to our receiver. As people are continually dropping phone lines, Central Alarm Inc. has almost switched to 100 percent cell only to service our residential clients. It doesn’t get any easier than using a panel with all that built right on it to get it done fast!”

Wireless IP alarm communications have come a long way. It’s not just for back-up anymore. The ability to fully remote program over the cell is available and advances in user interfaces that exploit the built in SMS capability of these panels are becoming very popular providing the end user with the ability to arm, disarm, receive opening and closing reports, check status and even cancel alarms from their cell phone. In fact it’s these very cell phone features that provide this new kind of customers with peace of mind and a feeling of staying in touch with their homes and families, while being able to see added value in having a home burglar alarm.

By no longer being tethered to a phone line, all kinds of new possibilities are now available. Minimal installation time is now required, saving significant dollars in labor costs.

No matter what your preferred alternative network service is, one thing is certain. POTS are going away at an alarming rate and if you don’t address it in your company, you will be passed over by someone that has.

Mark Hillenburg is Product Architect for Digital Monitoring Products Inc. (DMP), Springfield, Mo.