Lenses and optics: Megapixel and HD raise the bar

Bob Kramer discusses the innovation of high quality lenses and optics for the high definition camera market

“Security is certainly a growing market for HD lenses,” Barnthouse continued. “Lenses for security are more demanding and need to be able to provide forensic quality images for identification,” he added.  In addition to the new PAIR technology, Pentax won accolades at the Security Industry Association’s New Product Showcase in March 2009, when it won the top OEM product category. The product was the 1.3. Megapixel Varifocal Plus Lens. Judges were impressed with the optical focus-free technology, which assists the integrator and is ideally matched for high-resolution sensors on high-end security cameras.     

Here’s more:

Axis Communications introduced P-Iris, with specialized software to automatically and precisely regulate iris openings.

Global Bionics Optics Ltd. unveiled a massive depth of field lens which holds both the foreground and the background in focus simultaneously.


OmniVision Technologies introduced a 1080 p high definition (HD) CMOS image sensor for mainstream IP cameras.