DVR evolution

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for DVRs

“The features and performance of Vicon’s new generation of Kollector DVRs are a response to the market trend that requires DVRs to work within a hybrid environment and not just as standalone units connected to analog cameras.”- Margie Gurwin, director of Marketing, Vicon, Hauppauge, N.Y.

Bosch Security Systems’ Divar XF Hybrid is an embedded DVR that supports eight or 16 analog cameras and up to eight H.264 IP video streams. The DVR includes new control center software 2.5 and firmware 2.5 which enable customers to automate event handling and connect and control all Divar XF and Divar-2 DVRs in a system.

Nuvico’s Apex AP-D1600 16 channel DVR provides users with a minimum of 30 ips, in full screen, in real time and features MPEG-4 compression. Additional features include a 4-main, 1 VGA monitor output and Quadruplex functions with mouse GUI.

“One of the fastest growing technologies to impact the DVR market is the H.264 encoding algorithm. By 2010, we plan on introducing an entire line of mid-range and enterprise-level H.264 DVRs replacing the MPEG-4 compression method.” - Luke Lee, sales director for North America, Nuvico, Englewood, N.J.


The Surveillix generation DVRs from Toshiba Surveillance & IP Network Video are designed to support up to 32 channels of IP video, including megapixel IP network cameras. These five “G4” recorders incorporate Intel Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors, up to 3GB of RAM and maximum video storage capacity of 8TB.

Infinova’s V3009 4L is an economy 4-channel digital DVR that supports CIF resolution. The V3009 family employs H.264 compression technology, supporting 4, 8 or 16 video input channels and 4, 8 or 16 video output channels with looping. It also features H.264 compression technology with the capacity to support up to four serial ATA (SATA) hard disks.

“Being able to stand alone or be networked, the V3009 DVR is a catalyst for migrating from analog systems to hybrid and digital systems, especially for those applications that need high resolution video.”- Mark Wilson, vice president of Marketing, Infinova, Monmouth Jct., N.J.

The SVR9000S “S-Box” series DVRs from Bolide allows real-time recording, playback and features the H.264 video codec. Additional features include iPhone integration and USB backup and it supports iPhone, Symbian OS and the Windows Based Smart Phone.

Honeywell’s Rapid Eye Active Alert DVR contains embedded video analytics designed for surveillance activities. The unit can capture 480 ips, utilizing a Linux-based operating system for performance with stable and secure operation. The product also features search tools which search each camera view to locate video and enable users to define individualized events and alarm settings.