New Products from SD&I's Dec. 2009 issue

A look at the month's new products, with a special focus on thermal, infrared and day-night cameras

Detection at a Distance
The AFV-3542-01 from Industrial Video & Control Co. (IVC) is a high-resolution, thermal imaging video camera. It includes a 30 micron detector that provides high speed, state-of-the-art thermal sensitivity and dynamic range to detect human activity at 1,500 feet.

Light Up the Night
The GV-CLRIRH IR day/night camera from Samsung GVI Security is designed for installations where night lighting is low. LEDs (12) provide powerful illumination at a range of up to eight meters. It comes equipped with a 4 mm lens and mounting bracket.

Technology Spotlight: Imaging Systems for Your Harshest Markets
Through day or night, fog or smoke, DRS Technologies' Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems provide visibility in the most extreme and demanding environments.

Headquartered in Parsippany, N.J., and focused on defense technology, the company develops, manufactures and supports a broad range of systems for mission critical and military sustainment requirements as well as Homeland Security. The technology allows warfighters to see what they ordinarily could not see, providing them with critical operational and strategic advantage.

Most recently released as part of its EO/IR product line is the Jalapeno LR+. This infrared surveillance and security system provides color daytime video and 640 x 480 cooled thermal imaging on a pan and tilt mechanism for applications requiring long-range surveillance. It is the first production system to use DRS's high-operating, small pixel HotIR technology. The HotIR technology, which senses in the 3æm-5æm band, allows significantly elevated operating temperature of the HotIR sensor, reducing size and power required for cooling. The small pixel size also helps the unit achieve its low cost, minimal footprint, light weight, ultra-low power and high reliability. DRS packages the 640 x 480 HotIR thermal sensor--which has a reliability of 30,000 operating hours--in a ultra-compact package using patented cooling optimized specifically for the sensor.


Infrared Unit Takes it All On
Quaddrix's oQ-890/WDR/IR/VR is a Pixim-chip-based infrared camera designed for getting high resolution images in scenes with complex lightning conditions and outdoor environments with complete darkness situations.

Weatherproofed and Ready To Go
The SOC-4160 indoor/outdoor day/night camera with on-board mount from Samsung Techwin America comes integrated with a weatherproof housing and a built-in 3.6X, 2.8 to 10mm varifocal lens. It also features coaxial telemetry control for remote camera configuration without the need for running a separate data cable.

One Camera Covers it All
HGH Infrared Systems IR Revolution 360 is a panoramic thermal infrared camera designed to replace multi-camera perimeter security systems that have traditionally required several single or dual-head cameras set to pan, tilt, or zoom within a fixed field of view. It creates megapixel panoramic thermal images of a surveillance area at a rate of one full image per second for automatic, real-time intrusion detection and tracking.

Features Times Five
The new Pelco Sarix ID Series megapixel cameras feature SD to HD resolutions, Auto Back Focus, exceptional low-light performance, consistent color science and high-quality CS mount lenses for ranges up to 50mm. The unit includes H.264 compression and built-in analytics.

Crystal Clear and Focus Free
Speco Technologies' SCS cameras offer 550 lines of resolution and focus-free lens models that display crystal clear images from inches and beyond without refocusing the camera. All focus-free models include motorized 3.7 to 10mm auto iris lenses for versatility in the field.

Dual Mode, DNR and More
Vicon Industries new progressive scan camera, used within its SurveyorVFT 35X zoom domes, delivers superior video quality in two modes: normal and high sensitivity. Two additional features include: Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), which digitally samples the video image and removes excessive noise and an enhanced White Balance menu that allows the user to choose between "Sodium" and "Mercury" settings, specifically accommodating those lighting types.