2009's Top Products

A look back at stand-out products of 2009

PC Programmable Locking Devices -- Alarm Lock Systems Trilogy Networx locks feature a wireless range of 200 feet, support up to 5000 HID Prox ID card or fobs and sends data via Ethernet or 802.11B/G.

From MARCH 2009

Burglar Panel Denies Access -- Digital Monitoring Products latest panel innovation is its XT Series(tm) Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panel. This panel provides a complete set of communications options, network, cellular and dialer and a two-way wireless receiver, all on one board.

From FEBRUARY 2009

Video Surveillance for the Home -- Swann Communications' ADW-330 FamilyCam is designed to address all problems common to analog wireless family monitors: interference from other wireless devices, grainy images and an unsecure wireless signal.

From JANUARY 2009

Day and Night Vision -- Videocomm Technologies 5.8GHz Outdoor Infrared day/night camera series is ideal for temporary or permanent outdoor monitoring applications and offers real-time high-resolution, plug and play capability, eight user-selectable channels and a night vision infrared range up to 100 feet.

From DECEMBER 2008

At the Edge -- American Dynamics's VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a turnkey appliance server that allows for standard commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) computers to be transformed into enterprise NVRs.

CMOS Imaging and Beefy Housings -- Nuvico's ZoomMatic duo Vandalproof Zoom Dome (CV-Z10N/P) and Integrated Zoom Cameras, (CI-Z10N/P-L and CI-Z30N/P-L) combine their EasyView dome design with digital pixel system and CMOS technology, providing correction solutions for over-exposure problems.

From NOVEMBER 2008

Video Analysis Software -- Bosch Security System's Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) 3.5 software features additional video content analysis capabilities, including color filtering allowing object color or a combination of colors to be set as detection criteria.

From OCTOBER 2008

Energy Internet Connection Module -- Honeywell's Energy Internet Connection Module (ICM) is designed to help home and business owners conserve up to 15 percent of their energy use by managing their consumption online.