Stake Your Claim to the Connected Home

Control4, 2gig Technologies, iControl Networks and Vivint share their expertise on home automation and the residential landscape.

Dunn: We’ve found that consumers gravitate to the features that they are most interested in integrating into their daily lives. We have home automation customers that feel security is an afterthought and bonus. Yet we also have home automation customers that purchased the system primarily for security. The great thing about additional services is that it broadens our market, which now includes customers that never would have considered Vivint if security was the only service provided.


How do we foresee home automation providers continuing to integrate with security to provide residential safety?

Smith: We continue to see security as an important pillar in our business and we hope to see more security dealers branch out into home automation to create more compelling solutions for their customers.

Santiago: The home management aspect provided a huge step forward in residential safety and will continue to be catalyst for future improvement as it becomes more integrated into the daily lives of our customers. Through our partnership with, the home automation component of our system has led to greater intrusion prevention through implementation with automatic door locks, video and lighting control. Alarm and home automation events trigger text and email messages to multiple parties, alerting the homeowner, neighbors or friends. Having HVAC fans turn off automatically when a smoke alarm is triggered can slow the spread of smoke throughout a house. Using motion detectors with time-of-day awareness can cause doors to lock or lights to turn on, along with triggering the recording of cameras.

Roberts: Our consumer research indicates the size of the security market could double over time with the added benefits that home management services can provide. This is a significant opportunity for us, our deployment customers and our ecosystem partners. We take great pride in helping redefine the security industry for future growth.

Dunn: Protecting families is core to our mission. In May of 2010, we rolled out a free tornado alert for U.S.-based customers living in states most affected by tornados. This new service was a free software update that allowed our company to pass along alerts issued directly by the National Weather Service. When the deadly tornado hit Joplin, Mo. last year, Vivint provided alerts to nearly 500 customers in the area. These alerts gave customers extra time to take cover. In fact, one customer credits our tornado alert system with saving her life.