Dealer Profile: Security as an Essential Service

Pro-Vigil builds the business with technology

Being able to provide security as a service and utilize the latest communication networks and the Internet for remote monitoring is one way Pro-Vigil sets itself apart from the competition. The company continues to look for the best solutions for its customers - and if it doesn't find them it gets down to the business of building them.

Key Suppliers for the Vineyard System

  • 14 Axis Q1755 HD network cameras, camera station software for archiving footage at the facility and camera enclosures
  • Pro-Vigil's I-Vigil software for monitoring swimming pool cameras
  • Motorola Canopy access points for wireless connections to gates

Project Partners

  • Pro-Vigil Inc.-Video surveillance systems solution provider
  • Spectrum Association Management LP-Property management
  • The Vineyard subdivision-End user