ADT secures log cabin dreams

Industrial security includes control and more

Securing your home with a state-of-the-art security system seems like a no brainer today but what about when it comes to those facilities with large investments in construction equipment and materials, as well as a large workforce and frequent visitors?

For many of these facilities theft is a key issue alongside worker’s compensation and other timely topics. In fact, according to a 2004 equipment report from the National Equipment Register (NER) Inc., Jersey City, N.J., the total value of equipment stolen annually ranges between $300 million and $1 billion. Still, the most worrisome statistic for owners and insurers is that as little as 10 to 15 percent of stolen equipment is ever recovered.

For Blue Ridge Log Cabins (BRLC), Campobello, S.C., there were additional concerns about the safety and security of their employees along with being able to manage operations campus wide and it all came together with the technical and consultative experience of systems integrator ADT Security Services, based in Boca Raton, Fla.

Located on a 40-acre campus, Blue Ridge Log Cabins includes two manufacturing locations, a new 110,000 square foot facility and an existing 40,000 square foot building retrofitted into an integral part of the overall manufacturing plan. The existing facility houses log-cutting operations, dormers, gable ends and roof sections as well as two assembly lines. Other parts of the campus include a sales village with four model homes, encompassing another 10,000 square feet. But what makes BRLC unlike any other facility in the world is that the log homes are built on campus.

“We are the only log home manufacturer who produces a product like this so it was very important to us that we did have the understanding of security in our facility,” explained Chip Smith, owner and president of Blue Ridge Log Cabins. “We needed not only to protect our employees and the physical goods built here but also those who come to our site. Fact is, we’ve got so much traffic here from our customers that we’re protecting them as well.”

Solutions target espionage

Initially brought in by the Tallon Group, Spartanburg, S.C., a security consulting company, ADT had numerous discussions and meetings with BRLC dating back to as early as 2008 to come up with a security and operations package to meet their needs. One of the biggest challenges in providing an integrated solution to the BRLC campus was working off blueprints to design most of the system in the new manufacturing facility after a tornado in July 2008 ripped through the structure, according to Robert Rognstad, global account manager for ADT.

Despite that obstacle ADT was able to provide BRLC with an integrated burglar alarm, fire protection and CCTV system, one which meets the needs of the large campus.

“Prior to engaging with ADT, in our former plant, we basically had two internal and two external fixed cameras with no recording,” said Smith. “A lot of our competitors are very interested in how and what we do and industrial espionage is a real concern of ours, so we wanted to have a security system that would help us control that. We wanted to be able to record all of our parking lots and yards between the two plants to help with material control, theft, vandalism and also address safety issues outside the plant.”

The digital video surveillance system installed at the company’s sales center and two manufacturing facilities includes: eight fixed cameras; two indoor domes for the manufacturing facility; six outdoor domes; one matrix switcher/controller system; a 16-channel DVR; and two control center keyboards. The campus also includes a PTZ camera on every corner of the building, an additional one on the main entrance and another retrofit on the older manufacturing facility which faces BRLC’s four model homes for a total of 16 cameras installed throughout the campus, all of which have 30-day memory for recording. The system was designed to give BRLC the ability to expand it in the future.

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