Integrating the pieces: The operating system

Derrick Wright looks at building a consistent, comprehensive security system

Consider a sports team. Good teams establish goals before they face their opponents, such as number of turnovers, number of points required and number of points yielded to the opponent. However, coaches do not send random players onto the field or court to improvise during the game. They do not defer to each player to find his or her own way to win. Coaches develop offensive and defensive philosophies and test associated playbooks. It is the operating system that makes truly great teams and great players — not the other way around.

Benefits of an Operating System

In addition to traditional benefits like improving profits, quality, speed of delivery and shareholder value, companies that build, implement and sustain an operating system create a number of unique benefits that they can position as strategic advantages.

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Derrick Wright, CPP, is the Director, DEA Compliance, EHS & Security for Baxter Healthcare, Cherry Hill, N.J. With more than 20 years of progressively higher management experience in a highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, he has built a converged program that focuses on top-of-mind business issues as well as technology interoperability to support improved business processes. Derrick is a member of the Security Executive Council and the Convergence Council of the Open Security Exchange (OSE), where he provides insight and direction for working group activities.