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A look at new card readers, printers and IP access control solutions

Software Upgrade Adds Cameras

Toshiba Surveillance & IP Network Video upgraded its Network Video Recording Server software (NVR) to allow users to view, record and play back up to 32 local or remote IP network cameras simultaneously per server. Toshiba NVR software is designed for non-proprietary hardware and IT infrastructures running Microsoft Windows XP. Visit 106

Global Bionics Take Depth of Field to the Max

The InfinityLens from Global Bionics Optics Ltd. has a massive depth of field which puts much more of any image in focus and the ability to focus from a few millimeters to infinity. The technology of the GBO lens system holds both the foreground AND the background in focus simultaneously. This is called massive depth of field (“MDOF”) focus. Visit 107.

Optimized HD 1/3 CMOS Sensor

OmniVision Technologies Inc. introduced a 1080p high definition (HD) CMOS image sensor for the mainstream IP camera and HD closed caption television (HDcctv) markets. The OV2715 combines HD-quality video with superior low-light performance suitable for commercial security systems applications. The 1/3-inch OV2715 is built on a 3-micron OmniPixel3-HS™ pixel, delivering 3300 mV/(lux-sec) and a peak dynamic range of 69 dB. Visit 108.

Electronics Cutter Helps You Engineer Systems Smoothly

An air-operated flush cutter that can be supplied with three different cutting heads for specific electronics manufacturing and rework operations is available from Xuron Corp. The Model 590 Micro-Pneumatic™ Cutter has a low profile for reaching into dense PC boards. A tapered rectangular shape fits comfortably so all hands can comfortably cut up to 16 AWG wire. Visit 109.

16-Channel DVR with H.264

Samsung Techwin America released a16-channel SVR-1670C Digital Video Recorder with powerful H.264 compression technology. The SVR-1670C adds the capability of Up-The-Coax (UTC) control for PTZ and OSD communication, along with multi-protocol RS-485. This DVR provides real-time (480 fps) recording and playback capability on all 16 channels at CIF (352 x 288) resolution. Visit 110.

High Definition Network Camera

The IP51-rated P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera from Axis offers HDTV 720p in compliance with the SMPTE 296M standard of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, full frame rate, high color fidelity and a 16:9 format. The network camera can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously. Visit 111.

SNOUP for Covert Law Enforcement

Cam-Tek Systems Inc. announced the introduction and availability of the Surveillance Network on Utility Poles or SNOUP™ covert video solution. SNOUP is a modular, self-contained, ruggedized, video system designed to mount on utility poles for wide area public surveillance. It uses wired, wireless and cellular network connectivity. Visit 112.

Integrated Software Solution

Crest’s CNVS NVR Software integrates with Axis, Arencont, Excore, Vivatek and Apro cameras, in addition to Crest’s own lineup. This allows Crest’s software to work with 80 percent of the IP cameras sold in the U.S. The CNVS NVR Software is standard on all Crest’s new NVRs. The software utilizes the same GUI as Crest’s CDVS PC-based DVRs. Visit 113.

Works with Leading Compression Algorithms

In a move that optimizes the performance and stability of its eight- and 16-channel digital video recorders, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America upgraded the video compression for the DX-TL8U and DX-TL16U to run on both H.264 and MPEG-4 selectable formats. The upgrade delivers a total recording speed of 120 images per second. Visit 114.

Software and Embedded Solution