Anixter launches new distribution program

Company unveils IP cabling lifecycle plan

It’s quite untraditional in the security industry for a manufacturer to release as many new products as Axis does as quickly as they do. But if you look closely, they are simply responding to the broadest base of their customer’s requests as fast as technology allows them to.

The ‘skinny’ on alarms over IP

Running alarms over IP or the Internet Protocol is not without its pitfalls, but the industry is doing all it can to find the right way to do it, the most reliable way, because it is the future of the industry and it’s plain to see that POTS won’t be around forever. This chart shows the inherent differences in communicating with two well-known IP protocols—UDP and TCP—with UDP leading the way in providing in providing small amounts of data quickly over the network. For more, check out the Webinar archives at, where you will find the entire recorded Bosch-sponsored session: “A Higher Education on Alarm over IP Solutions.” Look for it on the Webinars drop down and get the information you need to install reliable communications in the field now and in the future for your customers.

Design IP Series
In-person event targets systems integrators
Design IP Series

IQinVision, Pivot3 and Veracity launched a new one-day, in-person event called the Design IP Series, and ran the educational sessions in Chicago and New York City in October.

Presenters at the Chicago session included the three aforementioned manufacturers and Exacq Technologies, Indianapolis. Topics ranged from details on architecting a megapixel solution based on application parameters; taking advantage of the existing communications infrastructure, whether coaxial cable or long Ethernet cabling runs; and understanding the uses and benefits of power over Ethernet.

“We were extremely pleased with the level of expertise of the participants in the conference,” said Scott Sereboff, chief executive officer of Veracity USA Inc., based in Dallas. “Judging by the level of the questions asked by the integrators you could tell they were already involved in this area, embracing a higher caliber of installation,” he said. Sereboff said the three manufacturers partnered in the new series to educate integrators more fully on the intricacies of deploying IP solutions so they can offer successful deployments to customers.

“Our goal is to help align integrators with the proper solutions for their customers,” added Paul Bodell, chief marketing officer (CMO) for IQinVision, San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Bodell’s talk focused on compression and proper frame rates for different applications—what resolutions you need for general surveillance and what you need from technologies to accomplish forensic detail of images. He said some 20 to 30 percent of camera applications fall into the realm of general surveillance, the remainder require forensic detail for positive identification.
Storage was also part of the series, and it will be an increasing important topic moving forward, according to Lee Caswell, founder and CMO of Pivot3, Palo Alto, Calif.

“Storing video is uniquely different than storing other types of data,” Caswell said, adding that it could constitute as much as half the cost of a surveillance installation. He advised the integrator and end user to sit down and have a frank discussion on the needs of the user with regards to what they have to accomplish with surveillance. “Storage parameters are particularly important when it comes to the streaming bandwidth of surveillance data. He added that new software and serverless storage has made it so that hard drive failure is no longer such a critical part of keeping the system running. “In addition, there are simply more margins for the integrator to make by using serverless computing and putting in more of an engineered systems solution together.”

ESX 2010

You owe it to yourself to save the middle of June 2010 for the Electronic Security Expo (ESX). Sponsored by the Electronic Security Association and its participating chapter members, the conference and exhibitions are the premier gathering spot for the up and comers in the industry.

The dates have been set for June 14 to 18 and it’s an affordable way for you and your technicians to attend educational sessions, earn CEUs, network with your peers and gain a better understanding of the rapidly changing security and systems solution industry.