Market Focus: Banking & Financial Security

Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union

The Augusta (Ga.) Metro Federal Credit Union has deployed a standalone Schlage biometric HandKey reader from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies to provide customers with self-service access to the safe deposit vault.

According to credit union vice president Butch Holley, a customer simply punches in a code on the hand reader, presents his or her hand to the unit and, once verified, the bullet-proof glass door opens. At the same time, the individual’s safe deposit box opens and nobody can enter the vault until that customer puts away the deposit box.

The biometric hand geometry reader simultaneously analyzes more than 31,000 points and instantaneously records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual’s hand, including length, width, thickness and surface area, to verify the person’s identity. The process takes only a second.

“In addition to customer convenience, we realize cost efficiencies by not having to pull a teller or another employee away from their work to help someone into the safe deposit vault,” Holley says.

Farmers & Merchants Bank

Farmers & Merchants Bank of Central California, located in California’s great Central Valley, has installed IQeye cameras from IQinVision in all its bank branches.

IQeye511 cameras are installed in 22 F&M Bank branches, covering lobbies, teller windows and ATMs. The cameras’ megapixel image quality enables the bank to lower costs by using one camera for every two tellers. The cameras are used for teller protection and investigation in the case of robberies.

The cameras’ adjustable image size and flexible software features enable the bank to optimize the cameras to provide video surveillance and robbery deterrent at a high level. Upon project completion, F&M Bank will have more than 100 IQeye cameras protecting most branches.

The bank uses Milestone video management software to manage camera output, cameras run 24/7 at 3-5 frames-per-second, which is fast enough to catch transaction detail, and record motion for efficient bandwidth and storage management.