DVR, VMS Systems Help Keep Union Bank S.A.F.E.

Technology upgrade enables bank to replace legacy systems

The video platform proved its value when bank security personnel were able to take advantage of the photo resolution capability from the viewing software — a unified enterprise NVR interface — to determine key information instantaneously. Armed with this information, law enforcement was able to quickly use the details provided by the software. “If it wasn’t for the DVRs and software, we wouldn’t be able to immediately hand detailed information to law enforcement,” Maloof says. “Our previous VCR recording system required a security manager to actually go to the facility, pull the tape and make a copy for law enforcement — losing valuable time in the process.”

Security personnel at Union Bank are now able to scan and detect the most pertinent or potentially threatening activities in their branches and ATM centers while viewing multiple scenes in a single location or any number of branches. “The ability to view scenes from numerous banking centers at the same time and on the same screen has proved to be extremely valuable to our organization,” Maloof says. “We can easily and quickly make a copy of an image, zoom in, and adjust the contrast and coloring of that image — all without altering the court-admissible format.”