Integrating Access Control with Visitor Management

Organizations today face a myriad of security challenges at their facilities. Managing the access of authorized personnel into a facility is a major concern. The primary challenge for many organizations is to secure their facility from unwanted...

By gaining control of your environment through highly integrated access control and visitor management solutions, you can strengthen your overall security, improve user productivity, reduce administration costs, enable regulatory compliance and greatly enhance the image of the organization as being more security-conscious.

Visitor management integration with your access control system helps ensure that your organization is controlling its security infrastructure rather than being controlled by it.

John Murzycki is the director of Marketing for EasyLobby Inc., based in Needham, Mass.,


Pluses of Integrated Access

  • Single point of control and management
  • Stronger and more secure business infrastructure
  • Better functionality from access control
  • Ability to scale up or down readily