Life on the Farm Goes Wireless

In rural settings, it’s all the rage

In addition to the sensors, wireless solutions have been extended to the alarm communications network, standardizing on technology such as GSM alarm radios that use redundant communications paths to ensure reliable signal delivery without the need for a hardwired phone line. As a side benefit, these digital communications technologies can allow customers to take advantage of emerging capabilities such as mobile monitoring to increase overall awareness; the system can be programmed by the dealer to immediately notify customers via handheld device to non-critical incidents, for example. Even though customers are miles outside of towns, the redundant communication paths ensure wireless signals are getting through.

Creating a full security package

Due to location or difficulties associated with the job, small rural communities often assume that outdoor security protection is not part of the full package of dealer offerings. For example, indoor carbon monoxide (CO) and fire protection are viewed as critical residential necessities. But effective outdoor security has historically been viewed as a bonus because of the often difficult-to-wire outdoor environments.

“Wireless solutions help create a full package of security, fire and CO protection for customers. Some people think that it’s impossible to protect these rural facilities, but we aren’t limited by location anymore,” Creutz said.

Heartland Security is starting to see the desired effect of wireless security on the attitude of its customer base: rural customers are now viewing wireless technologies as an essential part of a ranch, business or home security system.

“Emerging wireless technology helps enhance the value of our capabilities to our customers. We want to be able to deliver all types of solutions, suited to solving both indoor and outdoor security problems– from building to barn, we’d like to take on them all.”

Tom Babich is a senior marketing product manager who has been with Honeywell/Ademco for some 17 years.