Leadership Move Three: Eliminate Fear and Comfort

A lean culture requires action, experimentation and new thinking. These transformational activities inevitably involve some level of risk. The culture at many organizations — even those that are considered innovative and risk-takers to the business...

A New Way of Thinking
I have heard several people say recently that once they began thinking and looking at their work through the lenses of lean, that it was hard to think and operate any other way. I personally have enjoyed learning about lean and applying the principles and concepts to security operations.
Admittedly, applying lean in a service environment is much harder than in a manufacturing environment. Service processes, which are cross-functional by their very nature, can be difficult to see, and documentation and measurement are sparse. However, the results can be astounding.
Eliminating waste, adding value, identifying, documenting and mapping key processes, creating a work area that’s free of clutter and safety hazards, and mistake proofing a task, are just a few of the lean tools that would help any function or organization operate better.

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Derrick Wright, CPP, is the Director, DEA Compliance, EHS & Security for Baxter Healthcare, Cherry Hill, N.J. With more than 20 years of progressively higher management experience in a highly regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, he has built a converged program that focuses on top-of-mind business issues as well as technology interoperability to support improved business processes. He is a member of the Security Executive Council and the Convergence Council of the Open Security Exchange (OSE), where he provides insight and direction for working group activities.