A Gradual Shift

Price Chopper’s gentle transition from analog to an IP-based security infrastructure has paid dividends for the 119-store grocery chain

In addition to the external S2600 series cameras, the Nextiva S2750e IP mini-dome camera will be installed in all new locations, and in Price Chopper’s headquarters. This camera is designed for ease of installation and integration, delivering MPEG-4 SP and/or MJPEG video up to 30fps at VGA resolution. Features include a varifocal, auto-iris lens and CCD sensor, enabling a wide choice of viewing angles (with 480 TVL horizontal resolution) and reliable image quality in even extreme lighting conditions. Additionally, the cameras readily change from color to black-and-white mode in day-to-night applications. 

Beyond loss prevention, Price Chopper is also considering ways to use the analytic software for improving store operations and layout, such as by analyzing customer traffic patterns. These types of activities can create more value from its investment in digital video surveillance. In the immediate future, physical security analytics are scheduled to be implemented at Price Chopper’s corporate warehouse, data center and corporate headquarters to increase security officer efficiency by handling alarms generated by the cameras quickly.

Digital video surveillance has many advantages over analog systems. It costs less to deploy and offers sophisticated analytics and video management. Rather than operate a standalone video infrastructure, digital video becomes an IT application that leverages organization’s existing IT infrastructure — like Price Chopper. And Neuberger has proven that you do not have to toss out an investment in analog cameras and monitors, because encoders and decoders can perform the translation.

Physical security and loss prevention are as important as ever, so it is worthwhile to consider how digital video surveillance is changing the footprint in other retail organizations. It is evident that Price Chopper’s innovative approach to deploying an open standards-based video platform provides them with the flexibility to apply newer technologies as they emerge.