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What are the characteristics of a good relationship between Corporate Security and Information Security? Lou Magnotti, CIO, U.S. House of Representatives There is nothing more important than communication in any...

A strong relationship between Information Security and Corporate Security is critical for the success of both and goes far beyond the asset management/loss prevention realm.

Being a global organization, we rely on our Corporate Security counterparts to enforce policies on behalf of Information Security.

With offices ranging from five to 2,000 people, reliable physical security of data center and office space access allows development of technology solutions with less restrictive risk profiles, thereby enabling our user population to drive business. Additionally, The Global Information Security Office owns Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management planning — all which are dependent not only on Corporate Security but Facilities Management as well.

Our success in planning is directly linked to the support and execution of the plans by Corporate Security groups around the world. A strong level of trust between the two organizations and constant communication enable both groups to complement each other to drive down risk.

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