The Security Evolution Continues

How ASIS stays on the cutting edge of the industry

Ongoing Globalization Efforts: Events show each day that we as a profession are much more connected around the world than we may have previously realized. Whether it is through geographically specific conferences such as are now held in Europe, Asia–Pacific, or the newest one scheduled for the Middle East, or work being done on the world stage through standards writing, it is obvious that we are in this together. Issues such as supply chain security, providing security for events such as the Olympics and World Trade Organization meetings, or executive travel have forced us to find ways to collaborate across borders. We will need to face the many challenges that this presents, including barriers presented by language, laws and, in some cases, simply custom.

Organizational Partnering: Through the recently created International Security Risk Management Consortium, ASIS has taken a lead in looking for viable and effective ways to both identify and partner with like-minded organizations which have overlapping interests, and with whom we may create alliances and produce deliverables to members of both organizations in a cost-effective manner. Economic realities and resource constraints demand that we take a more collaborative, less competitive approach to problem solving and not attempt to be all things to all members. This is an area in which I see much change and many moving pieces as each potential partner assesses its level of interest and defines its objectives.

As I noted in my introductory remarks to the ASIS volunteer leaders in January, I look upon ASIS as an organization that has consistency of purpose (serving its members’ needs) and has developed into a high-reliability organization, one which can be counted on to deliver high-quality products and services to the members in a forward thinking and deliberate manner. This has been our history as displayed by the many pioneer leaders from our past, and I have no doubt will be continued well into the future by successive generations of committed professionals! This is our history and our future.

Michael Cummings is Director of Loss Prevention Services for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, and is the current president of ASIS International. He is also a Senior Member of the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security (IAHSS). Mr. Cummings received his CPP designation in 1986.