NAVCO Gives Restaurateur Surveillance Smarts

Video and DVR integrates with POS and reporting

“We asked the end-user: ‘how do you use technologies to help run your business?’ We helped them look at key performance indicators for the business and how that could be tied to technology. For example, we can tie the surveillance to their use of coupons, when they are being used most, etc. and that ultimately helps them with their marketing and promotion. Today, it’s all about efficiencies and performance. Sammy’s is now using video technology to help achieve their performance indicators,” he said.

Additionally, the 3VR SmartRecorder integrates with Hospitality Solutions International’s (HSI) point-of-sale (POS) security solution, which is currently in use at all Sammy’s locations. The integration offers business analytics options that allow companies to report and search on exceptions such as manager “comps” and other anomalies.

“This implementation gives us the ability to greatly improve our customer service through the monitoring of staff metrics, while simultaneously bolstering the security of our business,” said Patty Hernandez, corporate controller of Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. “The unit rapidly integrated with our HSI/POS system and the sophisticated features and capabilities will provide improved business dynamics, service and safety in all Sammy’s locations.” (All 3VR SmartRecorders feature video analytic, biometric, data integration and search capabilities, in addition to advanced motion and facial surveillance designed specifically for return desk and organized theft fraud.)

“Retailers operate on slim margins and they are concerned about what they are spending,” said Whitney Glockner, director of Marketing at 3VR. “We can deliver more value than with a traditional DVR. Searchable surveillance can be use for so many things—customer service, food safety, liability, auditing and more. Search-based alerts can monitor a business and provide detailed reporting, with text overlays on video images at point of sale and registers,” she said.

The system is quite impressive from a POS point of view, according to NAVCO’s Haley. “It can virtually read text and keys and therefore knows what the employees are punching in to reduce fraud or theft of services. For example, employees cannot ring in a lesser amount for a certain item, without having that transaction accurately recorded and perhaps reviewed at a later time.”

Comprehensive surveillance platforms are fast becoming table stakes for any company looking to more efficiently combat fraud and improve the overall security and profitability of their operations.

“We base our system solutions on video and now, our customers can have more of a return on investment. It’s more than video. It’s a tool to run your business. The end-user can see an immediate benefit from this integrated technology,” Haley said.


Video surveillance upgrade:

the end-user’s perspective

When you talk to Patty Hernandez, corporate controller at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, about the work that NAVCO and 3VR did, what excites her isn’t the idea of catching an armed robbery. In an interview with, Hernandez was more interested in using video surveillance to solve the following challenges:

1. Employee cash register fraud

2. Consistent food preparation

3. False safety claims (made by either

patrons or workers)

4. Guest experience/customer satisfaction

“It doesn’t really have a dollar value to all of this,” said Hernandez, “but it helps you sleep at night. You can’t put exact dollars on food safety, employee safety and guest services.”

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Did You Know?

DVRs, NVRs and other recording devices have been beefed up to accommodate much more than security, including accountability, recordkeeping and numerous other functions, as illustrated in this story. More DVRs are even beginning to or have embedded analytics. Get to know the products the manufacturers offer and how they may fit into your current specifications—and select the right component to add value for the end-user and their premises. It’s a much easier sell when they can piggyback off other functions, which is why integration and convergence is also really starting to take off.

Project Partners

NAVCO Networks and Security—Security reseller and integrated video surveillance and management solutions provider

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza—Restaurant and end-user/owner, part of the Ladeki Restaurant Group

3VR Security Inc.—Manufacturer of the Searchable Surveillance platform of DVRs and video management solutions