Success Stories: Education

A roundup of recent unique security applications and installations

Merced College Eases into IP Surveillance

Merced College in California has deployed the Avigilon HD Surveillance System as part of its proactive crime prevention strategy to ensure the general welfare of staff and students on campus. By deploying the system, the college is able to leverage existing analog-based cameras to ease the transition from analog to HD performance as budget allows.

“The system enables us to zoom in to examine specific details of an event while it is still recording,” says Deputy Sheriff Jim Wilde of the Merced College Police Department.

Security officers at Merced College seamlessly manage the system using the supplier’s Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS) with HD Stream Management. The college installed 16MP, 11MP, and 5MP HD cameras to monitor activity across both the Merced and Los Baños campuses, including several parking lots, along with the supplier’s analog video encoders to improve the performance of its existing analog cameras, which monitor the interior of several college buildings.

Since deploying the system, Merced College has successfully investigated and resolved numerous cases of crime, vandalism and assault on campus. In one case, they caught a perpetrator in the act of stealing trim off several parked vehicles, leading to a successful conviction.

New York School District Integrates Video, Access Control

South Country Central School District, located 50 miles east of New York City, with six K-12 schools, has integrated more than 1,200 door access readers from Isonas with an enterprise VMS from IPVideo Corp., capturing 850 high-resolution Panasonic IP cameras.

IPVideo Corp. developed its Access Commander software to fully integrate video surveillance management with door access control, which is then securely controllable from an onsite or offsite PC. The integration — performed by integrator A+ Technology & Security Solutions — gives school administrators the ability to monitor and respond to security events in virtually real-time, enhancing school safety. Additionally, the system enables police to remotely connect to the system via a Web browser during an emergency, while simultaneously notifying appropriate personnel within the district.

On campuses like South Country Central’s, where door access control is fully integrated with video surveillance management on an IP-based network, administrators can lockdown an entire campus, or selectively lock down parts of it, remotely and automatically within seconds of either activating an emergency switch or securely entering the proper commands into a PC from any location within the district. Additionally, door status can be monitored and most issues corrected remotely.

Key Access Controlled at Ohio University

Ohio University in Athens has deployed a key management solution with the Keywatcher key control cabinets from Morse Watchmans.

Before installing the key control system, university maintenance and custodial employees carried several different master keys in order to complete their assigned tasks. It was often a challenge for management to ensure that the keys were not transferred to others, misplaced or simply not returned if an employee left their position at the University.

With the installation of the supplier’s KeyBank storage system and later the KeyWatcher system, management gained control of who could remove keys, what keys they could remove and for how long. Now, all master keys used by Facilities (Academic & Research Facilities and Residence Halls) are maintained in the system and removed as needed by authorized personnel.

“With keys secured in the tamper-proof cabinet when not in use, we have lessened our exposure to the potential security risk of multiple high-level or master keys for our facilities being carried on personal key rings,” says Matt Smith, Access Control Manager for the University.

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