Virtual Guarding and Doormen

Remote video monitoring offers integrators a great way to boost video at protected premises

All the traction has not come through the augmentation or replacement of guards. Many sites that could never have budgeted, or properly managed on-site security can still present tremendous opportunity for enhanced monitoring services. Utilizing quality cameras (often coupled with analytics) combined with interactive audio, those same sites can achieve real-time interactive response that is scripted, immediate and effective. For example, a car dealer who may have used an expensive but highly ineffective "roving patrol" can now have the interactive central monitoring station detect and identify an after-hours shopper or trespasser and immediately "voice down" in the following manner: "Good evening Ruben Toyota, this is security doing a live video patrol at 11:12 p.m. To the two men in the red pickup truck, we are now closed. Please come back tomorrow during normal business hours." Offices, high-rises, parking lots, construction sites, warehouses, scrap yards, you name it. With traditional intrusion systems in place an intruder wouldn't be detected until he had entered the protected premises and by that time it is too late for prevention. Viewpoint can begin involvement from outside the fence line, observe the behavior and then provide a scripted, consistent response based specifically on what the client is looking for. In short, they can prevent things from happening.

"Whether it's protecting a construction site telling trespassers to leave or providing campuswide video, remote monitoring has allowed Security Solutions Northwest to offer best practices, increase margins and improve our business valuation with monthly revenue," according to Jamie Vos, a principal of the Bellingham, Wash., firm.

To be successful, integrators have to align the level of monitoring and desires of the end-user with the offering. It's important, crucial, for the systems integrator to listen to the end-user in terms of what they are trying to accomplish and what their goals are with regards to the installation.

"Viewpoint's industry leading command center allows our clients to confidently augment or replace their doormen, concierge and gate attendants," said Shannon Logsdon, vice president of Sales, Rapid Security Solutions LLC, Sarasota, Fla. "The platform not only justifies a system with a true ROI, but provides end-users with a service that is never late, sick or away from the desk. The multi-tasking capabilities allows one agent to check-in a guest, or delivery, while simultaneously, another agent is responding to an infraction at the pool, or dumpster area, speaking to the violator directly and avoiding a dispatch to a designated person or the police," she said.

Much more than security

Of course there is still traction in the traditional burglar alarm or intrusion detection monitoring space. Whereas Viewpoint is being used as a means to improve security and reduce costs as they compare to guards, Viewpoint is also seeing great demand in typical intrusion detection and perimeter premises monitoring. The days of receiving a door contact or PIR motion detection alarm and then dispatching the police or other authorities is coming to an end; businesses demand greater control and information and systems and protocols such as those provided by Viewpoint allow them greater control and protection around the clock. Viewpoint's remote monitoring not only creates a more secure environment, but their services can be used for increased rule enforcement, better business practices, decreased shrinkage and increased sales. Point of sale (POS) integration allows for both real time and audit review for store compliance and even payment card industry regulations. Random or scheduled "look ins" allow for stocking confirmation, uniform compliance and safety evaluation and support and as technology continues to improve services continue to expand.

For offices, high-rises and parking facilities, interactive video monitoring is a virtual security guard that enhances security and offers much more than guards or traditional intrusion detection. It can be used in many different ways and a variety of different models can fit the needs of your end user and their vertical market.

Being informed will allow you to offer your clients the services they need and add value.

Did You Know?

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, more than one-third of the energy consumed in the United States is used in buildings. Energy management and lighting controls signal opportunity for integrators who can grab these skill-sets quickly.

Michael Hanlon is the vice president of Channel Sales and Marketing for Viewpoint CRM, based in Lowell, Mass.