More Cameras and Equipment Equal Less Revenue?

One integrator drives to a better solution

- Quick throughput at offices, high rises and parking especially coupled with access control and biometrics
- Virtual doormen for package delivery and overall protection at the premises; IP intercoms, two-way audio; sound systems
- Video integration with access control and remote monitoring/guarding
- Energy savings and occupancy sensors as well as advanced lighting controls
- Fire systems with quick response and mass communications and stellar campus wide emergency notification to smartphones, PDAs and connected LED displays
- Instant badging and temporary credentialing
- Physical security and logical control to add value and business efficiencies
- Perks for lease holders and property managers like high-speed Internet, wireless, clouds and other technologies
- Interactive video and alerts piped to smartphones and other Internet connections
- Emergency evacuation and egress plans
- Migration paths from analog to IP
- Strong future-forward network infrastructures
- Lighting controls and a move to net zero energy buildings

Neal Marcus is the owner of Long Range Solutions LLC, a company focused on helping manufacturers and integrators grow their business through the sales of CCTV, pedestrian and vehicle access and revenue parking systems. He's a veteran of the security industry, having served at Securus, now HBE Colorado, and was one of the founding members of the PSA Security Network. He can be reached at