Market-Ready for New Technologies

Waiting for an uptick, wireless, managed services and converged solutions at the gate

The move to more IP-based solutions, he said, will continue to drive the market. "More and more commercial buildings will be moving to IP-based solutions. The cost savings is so much greater for them. Through hosting services and managed services they will be able to reduce their ongoing operating costs. We will see more mass notification command and control platforms operating from the cloud in the future. The industry is ready for it, the technology is growing and we are just on the tip of the iceberg with what the user can do with it."

There's opportunity in the parking, high- rise and office vertical markets. These customers need cost savings and new technologies in the way of RFID, managed services, access control, biometrics, video and more. Integrators who can present unified solutions that realize costs savings, add value and increase efficiencies will be ready to go when the economy turns around.