Cooking Good Security

Darden Restaurants reduces robberies and false alarms

When Darden opens a new restaurant, ADT plays a vital role by meeting with Corporate Security, brand design and construction management to compare the new location with others within the company. The goal is to always improve and create a safe environment for the new restaurant that focuses on personal safety, and reducing losses as well as false alarms.

"This is a remarkable success story because it illustrates how an innovative security leader, teaming up with a security expert can integrate solutions and best practices to achieve significant cost savings. Even more important is that these efforts are providing a safer, more secure environment for Darden's customers and employees," says Ed McDonough, CPP, and director of global security for Tyco International.

"Whether it's reducing robbery attempts or minimizing false alarms - while still focusing on the safety of our employees and patrons - we depend on a team effort that heavily involves our security partner," Grover says.

Hank Monaco is vice president of commercial marketing for Boca Raton, Fla.-based ADT Security Services.