Market Focus: Gaming & Casinos

A roundup of recent unique security applications and installations

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

The historic Golden Gate Hotel & Casino has chosen IndigoVision's High Definition (HD) IP Video technology for a surveillance upgrade, in what is believed to be the first ever casino to install a complete HD gaming floor. Established in 1906, the casino is located on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The "Fremont Street Experience" is right outside the more than 100-year-old casino's door.

"The clarity and detail that the HD cameras will deliver will transform our surveillance operation," says Greg Stevens, Golden Gate's Co-Owner. "The solution delivers 30fps, 720p high-quality HD video with a guarantee of no lost frames under any circumstances, including low-light conditions, which are typical on casino floors. The use of HD cameras in covert locations for crisp face shots will also enhance the use of facial recognition software and make it much more viable to thwart known cheats."

The 99-camera system will completely replace the existing analog/DVR equipment and be installed in full compliance with the local Gaming Board by IndigoVision's Authorized Partner and gaming specialist, Southwest Surveillance. As the Gaming Board mandates no-loss recording at 30fps, the system's video guarantee means that the casino will not need to rely on secondary analog or standard definition cameras in parallel with the HD cameras for compliance.

The use of full-frame-rate HD surveillance cameras in a gaming environment is compelling. Operators will be able to clearly recognize individual faces and distinguish between card suits and chip values. This will make it easier to identify potential cheats and to resolve disputes quickly - a benefit for both the customer and the casino.

"Another advantage of the new system will be the ability to view live or recorded video remotely, not just from a workstation in another part of the casino," Stevens says. "This is a major benefit for me to be able to personally keep an eye on my casino operations 24/7."

Recording is achieved using the supplier's standalone NVR-AS 3000 Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Each NVR is configured with RAID 5 disks and redundant power supplies, creating a resilient and fault tolerant video storage solution. The NVRs record all 99 camera streams directly from the network at full frame-rate and provide a minimum seven-day archive for the gaming floor.

The casino uses real-time motion analytics to reduce the bandwidth and storage requirement from back-office cameras and to provide continuous remote monitoring of alleys, rooftops and other remote areas. Any motion detected will automatically alert the operators and display the video from the appropriate camera. Activity Controlled Frame rate (ACF) is a unique feature that streams lower framerate video when the camera scene is inactive. When any motion is detected the video is automatically transmitted at the maximum configured frame rate. This can considerably reduce the amount of video that is transmitted across the network and stored on the NVRs.

Jerry's Nugget Casino

Jerry's Nugget Casino, a Las Vegas hallmark since 1964, has deployed intelligent networked video recording solutions using video lifecycle management (VLM) systems from TimeSight Systems. The installation provides full coverage leveraging Basler's high-resolution IP-based megapixel cameras around the facility, covering all aspects of the property from retail to safety, and to the regulated gaming environment.

"We had a number of objectives in mind when refreshing our surveillance system, with the key goals being truly forensic-quality video as well as extended retention to protect our business against all types of loss including regulatory fines, liability, shrinkage and other types of crime," says Jeremy Stamis, General Manager of Jerry's Nugget. "With the TimeSight system, in combination with megapixel cameras, we have an surveillance environment that greatly reduces our risk as well as our cost, in addition to freeing up valuable space by reducing our equipment footprint by almost ninety percent."

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