Video Management Advancement

Technological VMS improvements provide solid foundation for future systems

With video's data-intensive, 24/7 requirements, however, higher-grade components are beginning to creep their way into today's enterprise-grade NVRs. Tier 2 Near Line SAS drives, which are designed for that around-the-clock usage and the demands of high bit rate and constant throughput, are one solution to stem the flow of hard drive replacements over the life of the system.

Command and Control

Ever growing in sophistication and functionality, VMS solutions are also becoming the central management point in an organization for many security-related functions, such as access control, intrusion and fire. A single interface that brings together the collective consciousness of an organization's security and life safety functions can eliminate duplications in hardware and reduce strain on personnel.

Instead of toggling between a VMS window and an access control system's screen to verify a false alarm at a door, a single interface displays the flashing alarm icon as well as a live camera view of the door, in one screen. Alarm management and real-time reporting are just two basic functions that can be melded together into a unified management system.

Many of these systems on the market today offer the opportunity for custom integrations with a variety of different types of sensors, such as lighting, interior environmental controls, weather or tornado warning sensors or traffic management equipment. These systems are often aimed at the high end of the market due to their sophisticated architecture and feature sets.

VMS solutions can form the heart of a high-level command-and-control system, but end-users need to ensure the functions best suit their needs. Unifying legacy analog and IP video with smart, efficient search capabilities and state-of-the-art video transmission and storage components provides an excellent foundation for a complete security management solution.

David Jackson, senior product manager for American Dynamics, oversees the IP video recording product portfolio. He has been in the video and computing industries for 15 years. Jackson can be reached at