My Point of View

Everything the new corporate security director should know...and then some

Sorensen chides that it is not a bad idea to know thy boss, either: "Understand the personality profile of your boss and his/her reporting requirements to the organization. Understand the culture of the organization. Learn quickly to communicate in the language of the organization including and their forms, and preparation of Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost-Benefit Analysis to help the organization accelerate the mission."

Karl Perman, who is a security manager for a major mid-western corporation, maintains that listening and knowing where the bread is buttered are key factors for success. "Meet with your team individually and collectively, and listen to their needs and what they are working on," he says.

"You also want to determine key stakeholders in the organization and meet with them. Find out what they are looking for from the security function."

Ron Martin, CPP, a physical security specialist at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, asserts that in today's technology environment you must also be well versed in the converging worlds of physical and logical security. But his best advice? "Know how to be brief, bright and know when to be gone. No need for tall tales of adventure."

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