SIA New Product Showcase

Products to be on display at ISC West 2011

Hikvision USA/Booth 9064
The DS-6401HDI network decoder utilizes H.264/MPEG4 video codec and Texas Instrument's DaVinci platform, delivering: one channel 1080P; or two channel 720P; or four channel 4CIF decoding at full frame rate. The product converts high-definition digital image data to analog video signals.

Honeywell Security Group/Booth 14023
MAXPRO NVR SE supports both ONVIF and PSIA video standards and features a built-in server and software and easy to use graphic interface. The system includes a patented Video Surround feature to more-efficiently track intruders.

IEE Sensing/Booth 19145
The Tailgate Detector TDflex overhead system detects, counts and tracks people and objects in a specific area. Using 3D MLI Sensor technology, the Tailgate Detector blocks and/or alarms in case of unauthorized access.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies/Booth 22035
AD-Series wireless locks eliminate the need to run wires to each access point. For secure AES 128-bit encrypted transmission, the AD-Series uses 900MHz communication between wireless locks and panel interface module; each PIM can support up to 16 devices.

Inovonics/Booth 8035
Radius, a server-based software solution, monitors alarm events from its own wireless device family as well as events from other in-building alarm systems already in place via an integration library. It allows users to configure outbound alerts and allows for alert escalation.

Interlogix (UTC Fire & Security)/Booth 11087
TruVision DVR 60 (TVR 60) offers H.264 and dual-streaming in live mode which accommodates multiple network environments. Up to 12 TB of internal storage can handle higher resolutions in a JBOD format or it can be configured for redundant recording across multiple drives.

Interlogix (UTC Fire & Security)/Booth 11087
The SafeAir TX wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm enables installers, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and other professionals to use an approved CO test spray to confirm the sensor alarms when exposed to actual Carbon Monoxide gas.

Intersil/Techwell/Booth 5086
Security Link Over Coax (SLOC) advanced modem PHY technology simultaneously transmits analog CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable. TW3801 is a camera SLOC modem PHY IC. TW3811 is a receiver SLOC modem PHY IC.

Intersil/Techwell/Booth 5086
The MegaQ family consists of adaptive video equalizers, compensating composite video through cables up to one mile long. MegaQ automatically equates video over CAT-5 cable and coaxial (RG59).

IONODES/Booth 8150
The CIRRUS video management platform is designed for multi-site video recording and management scenarios. A variety of third-party software solutions can be hosted directly on the appliance. Optional modules include an H.264 video decoder and analog video encoder.