SIA New Product Showcase

Products to be on display at ISC West 2011

Videofied-RSI Video Technologies/Booth 24028
The XTO outdoor cordless/wireless panel comes in an IP65 waterproof housing with mounting brackets. It is equipped with two integrated long range antennas: one for 915 MHz communications between the panel and MotionViewers; and one for GSM communications from the panel to the Central Station.

VideoIQ/Booth 9074
With up to a half terabyte of onboard NVR storage, the iCVR-HD high definition camera eliminates the need for expensive centralized storage. It is designed to deliver more than twice the detection range and nearly three times the field of view of D1 analytics.

Videx Cyberlock Solutions/Booth 15127
The CyberLock Flex System features a door controller module that enables integration with existing Wiegand access devices and other hardwired solutions. Also available are knob and display modules, RFID reader modules, and weatherized vault modules for storing smart keys outdoors.

Viscount Systems/Booth 7141
Freedom allows users to connect any standard reader type (Wiegand, smart, FIPs) directly to a network through IP bridges. All devices are managed through Web server. A new software platform using an Active Directory schema for access control will be included on future platforms.

Viscount Systems/Booth 7141
ABC Vault is a cloud/SaaS program designed to allow consultants and integrators to design as-built drawings and bills of materials for security and access control installations. End-users can create data vaults of facilities which include: built drawings; architectural drawings; and electrical and HVAC schematics.

Visonic Americas/Booth 25045
RealAlarm-PowerMASTER 10 is a visual alarm verification solution that helps central monitoring stations determine whether an alarm is real or false and gain control over intrusion events. Clear images are captured by a camera embedded in and triggered by a PIR motion detector.

Xtralis/Booth 20140
VESDA ECO detects a wide range of flammable and toxic gases, oxygen and other vapors. Used in conjunction with VESDA very early warning Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASDs), VESDA ECO delivers dual smoke and gas detection; lower installation costs; and lower long-term operating and maintenance costs.

Xtralis/Booth 20140
OSID uses dual light frequencies to distinguish between real smoke and other objects, helping to reduce false alarms. Exact alignment between the imager and emitter is not required due to the imager's wide field of view.

Editor's Note: This list was compiled with the assistance of the Security Industry Association and may not be all-inclusive. Please be sure to check out for an up-to-date listing.