Product Watch

See It at ISC West! Booth 22035-Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies' Schlage AD-Series electronic locks allow users to upgrade network modules to go from an offline to networked solution-without replacing the lock or removing a door. The locks handle Schlage or third-party software and are able to leverage the existing network infrastructure.

See It at ISC West! Booth 5053-Pivot3's HardBank features advanced processors that boost system performance by 20 percent and incorporates new Smartfan Technology to reduce noise by up to 50 percent. Individually, it handles up to 70 cameras with 4 to 8TB of RAID storage supporting VMS applications from more than 30 open systems partners.

See It at ISC West! Booth 25077-Salto Systems SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) eliminates the need to replace locks when key or code security is breached due to the loss of theft of keys or codes. It can be seamlessly integrated with an existing IT system to allow key cards and locks to be updated, restricted or deleted remotely.

See It At ISC West! Booth 8147-The AC-1700 access controller from Sielox uses data transfer rates up to 100 Megabits per second and includes firmware which includes a watchdog timer. Its storage capacity ranges from 128 MBytes to 1 GByte for controller database, events storage, wiring diagrams and tech notes.

See It at ISC West! Booth 11047-System Sensor's CO1224TR Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with RealTest is fully compliant with NFPA 720 (2009). The CO1224T and CO1224TR provide multiple mounting options and are quick and easy to install, test and maintain.

See It at ISC West Booth 4059-Video Mount Products' FP-XMWAB "extra medium" flat panel articulating wall comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Available in black powder-coat finish, it has a 45-degree rotation and up to 15-degree tilt capabilities.

Protect Your Security Assets from Water Damage-GreenField Direct's PipeBurst Pro Automatic Water Protection Systems series (PipeBurst Pro and PipeBurst Pro Jr.) is a water domestic flood detection and prevention solution. It uses high tech sensors and proprietary control components and interfaces with existing security systems for notification and control purposes.

Expand Your Storage with This-The AberNAS LX Series storage appliance from Aberdeen features a 64bit Linux-based OS, an enhanced Web GUI, iSCSI support and support for multi-DNS. The 8u NAS appliance server provides up to 198TB utilizing 3TB in a single rack-mount server and features 48 front and 18 rear HDD bays for superior storage density.

Manage Your Visitors-Data Management's TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass changes color to prevent re-use and doesn't need to be retrieved from visitors leaving the premises. It is activated simply by folding over an integrated tab. The word 'void' appears on the pass overnight.

See It at ISC West! Booth 6086-Brivo System's IP Door Controller (IPDC) is a native Ethernet access control panel. Available as a single or dual door controller, the IPDC is supported by ACS WebService and ACS OnSite Aparato systems. It is PoE-capable and with FIPS 140-2 validated embedded encryption.

Dealer Software Support-Cornerstone Billing Solutions' Version 30 Alarm software allows dealers to e-mail a copy of the paid invoice to autopay customers who pay by either credit card or debit. Autopay customers are able to choose from multiple processing dates for their recurring charge.

Expanded Wireless Capabilities-The Version 207 software upgrade makes Digital Monitoring Products' XR100/XR500 panels using the 1100X and 1100XH Version 200 wireless receivers fully compatible with the 9000 series wireless keypads and 1135 wireless sirens. The 9000 series wireless keypads are full-featured, supervised keypads with a built-in proximity option.

Web Site Highlights New Products-American Fibertek's expanded product page provides a synopsis of the company's most recent introductions, which include: 10-bit digital video products; multi-mode extended distance bi-directional systems; audio/intercom interfaces; and supervised alarm contact systems. The site also features a revised downloadable section which offers free trial software demonstration downloads, instructions manuals and white papers.

Turnstile Upgrades-Alvarado's MST line of full height turnstile products come standard with HydraLine Speed Control for a controlled, rotation across all types of installations. Also upgraded is the controller in its full height units. Other new features include enhanced lighting and electrical interference protection; and easy adjustment between fail-secure and fail-safe configurations.

Guard Patrol System-AMAG Technology's ProxiPen Kit-now with tags-provides a significantly greater read range, enabling them to be concealed behind wallpaper, plaster and decorative wall coverings, disguising their presence. It can be used in conjunction with the TopGuard Patrol software for guard tour planning and data analysis.

Lock It Up-American Lock Co.'s Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks are ASTM Grade 6 status certified and withstand harsh environments. They are available in 1-3/4-inch and 2-inch padlock widths, with a choice of 1-1/8-inch or 2-inch shackle heights and have replaceable 5- and 6-pin cylinders that provide a number of key changes.

Retrofit This!-The Arrow Revolution keyless entry system from Arrow Lock is available in a retrofit kit for the Kaba Ilco L1000. Up to 1,000 codes are available in advanced mode and authorized users have the ability to change code combinations without removing the system from the door.

ATop Technologies Gets Industrial-The EHG2308 8-port Industrial Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch provides two redundant power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to wide-range DC power sources. If one of the power inputs failure, the other live source automatically acts as a backup.

Features an Integrator Can Work With-The modular card-and-cage design of the HLX System from Audio Authority employs an ultra-high bandwidth backplane capable of supporting 12 component video and audio source pathways and up to 64 zones.

New Paging and Notification Features-Biamp System's Vocia 1.2 critical paging and life safety system comes equipped with its Life Safety Interface device (LSI-16e), which expands the number of discrete emergency zones from four to 20. This adds 16 additional option inputs and up to 500 virtual inputs, 50 emergency zones and 10 emergency messages per zone.

Guard Your Wall Mounts-Chase Security Systems CSGW 18187 wired guard is designed to protect emergency lights, clocks, speakers and exit signs against vandalism or accidental damage. Units are constructed of a quality seven-gauge steel and welded at all points for strength.

IPV Monitor Steals the Spotlight!-Checkpoint Systems' Interactive Public View (IPV) monitor now integrates Pixim's Seawolf chip. The IPV monitors are specified at a resolution of 690 HTVL effective, offer wide dynamic range and require just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce color images at 30 frames per second.

Cover It Up-With an ID label, ID Faceplates from ComCables feature a shatterproof, modern design and satin finish that prevents fingerprints from showing. The new faceplates come in one, two, three, four and six port in white and ivory. They accept keystone-style snap-in jacks and audio/video adapters.

For Commercial Settings-ComNet's CWGE24MODMS 24-port modular Gigabit Ethernet switch allows for three eight-port modules to be accommodated. The modules are available as either eight electrical ports, eight fixed SC optic ports, eight user-selectable SFP ports, or a combination of electrical and SFP optical ports.

Digitally Map Out Your Enclosure Project-Chatsworth Products Inc. (CPI) offers a free suite of drawings for Building Information Modeling (BIM). CPI offers BIM drawings in the following product families: cable runway and tray products; cable management products; rack systems; cabinet and enclosure systems; and wall-mount systems.

IT Accessories-Crenlo (a Dover company) offers new power, airflow and lighting accessories for enclosure products, including: a 30-amp high-current power distribution unit (PDU); a rack-mounted blower (pictured); and a lineup of new rack lighting configurations. They can be used with a customer's existing enclosures, consoles and racks from other manufacturers.

Light the Way-Crestron Electronics' GLPAC-DIMFLV Integrated Lighting Systems are standalone lighting controllers. GLPACs control four to eight channels of dimmable or switched fluorescent loads and each unit can control a single room or up to four independent rooms.

Take It Outside-Both the M8930 (a 7-inch full-screen model) and the M8940 (equipped with a 6.2-inch screen and a 64-key QWERTY alpha-numeric keyboard) rugged tablet computers from DAP Technologies feature optically-enhanced touch screens that utilize ambient light to enhance viewing capabilities in all light conditions.

Audio/Video Arena Baluns-The AV790 series of Audio-plus-Video camcorder baluns from Energy Transformation Systems (ETS) are designed to enable a video camera to send component signals, or composite video signals and analog audio signals, over a single Category 5, 5E, or 6 unshielded twisted pair cable. Used in pairs they support 480p to 1080p composite or component video formats.

Batteries for UPS Applications-The EnerSys DataSafe 16V Battery Cabinets from EnerSys are now certified by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in California. To meet certification, OSHPD requires multiple units to be tested on a seismic shake table used to test the resistance of structures to seismic occurrences and ground motion.

Warranty Program Update-IQinVision's established a standard five-year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty on the IQeye Alliance-mini dome camera line and a three-year warranty on all other IQeye cameras. The warranty covers all moving parts, sensors, filters, fans, motors, lens assemblies, shrouds and slip rings.

Remote Control with the Swipe of a Finger-An iPad app for Lutron Electronics' RadioRA 2 total light control system allows homeowners to monitor and control their system while away from home (ideal for vacation properties) and enact a temporary, energy-saving "green" mode that reduces light levels and turns off unneeded appliances.

Keep It Clean with These Locksets-PD Series Hospital Push/Pull Mortise and Cylindrical style locksets from Marks USA feature an improved short retraction angle beneficial when a simple push or pull on the paddle using your elbow or forearm will open the door. This feature is mandatory for any door where unhygienic conditions may be prevalent.

Power Door Control-The 5900 Series X-in door operator from Norton Door Controls combines one-touch programming with the ability to calibrate door weight, latch and sweep speeds and positioning based on ADA and ANSI standards. The Stop and Stall feature stops the door if it hits an obstruction during the closing cycle.

Ensure Your Audiovisual Transmission-Pakedge Device & Software's RSB-K24C pre-configured Audio/Video Bridging System is a versatile router/gateway security unit that includes the RT-50V Audio/Video Bridging Router; SW24-GBVC Audio/Video Bridging Switch with 24 VLAN ports plus 2 Fiber ports; and the RMB-FG Router Rack-Mount Bracket.

A Building Block for Control Room Video Walls-Matrox Graphics' Matrox Mura MPX Series display wall controller board line-up is available for collaborative display walls and matrix switcher/scaler installations. System integrators can add multiple MPX output/input boards within a single system and incorporate MPX video capture cards for high-volume, analog video input deployments.

Alarm System Add-On-The Protect Fog Cannon from Protect A/S provides a visual deterrent to intrusion by removing the intruder's ability to see and navigate the premise. The system is totally controlled by the alarm panel and can communicate with an alarm center.

Ideal for Integrators-The RF IDeas 82 Series lines of proximity, contactless and magnetic stripe badge readers make it possible to use an existing employee badge system with applications for door access, time and attendance, secure printing and single sign-on. The 82 series uses a callable DLL which allows for integrating reader functions into specific software programs.

Stand It Up Support Mount-Premier Mounts' Adjustable Mobile Stand (IPM-300) holds an iPad, Kindle DX or any 9.7-inch screen. A mounting arm expands or contracts for a snug fit. Mounting holes on the stand make it easy to attach the mount to a desk or flat surface.

Operation Interoperability-Quintron Systems' DICES VoIP command and control voice system is designed for use in Security Operations Centers (SOC).These features include: voice interoperability between telephone and radio connections; a single security officer interface to quickly manage calls and radios; and caller ID features to support rapid response to emergency calls from throughout a corporate campus.

RAID Passes the Test-Sans Digital's AccuRAID AR316FD/AR316FDR is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List. By using the VMware vSphere along with the AccuRAID AR316FD/AR316FDR, the storage data is centralized and fully protected with dual-redundancy to help ensure a non-stop operation in a 24/7 data center environment.

Mobile Imaging Redefined-Optimized for major software, hardware, platforms and sensors, Scalado's Image Processing Platform 5.0 can now be easily integrated with other technologies. By pre-integrating this platform with an advanced SOC system solution, chipset manufacturers can include a wide variety of sophisticated imaging applications on their own platform.

Access Control Enterprise Launch-The C-CURE 9000 Enterprise access control software from Software House (part of Tyco Security Products) is now available with C-CURE 9000 v2.0. With a distributed architecture, C-CURE 9000 users can connect multiple sites through a central server that also houses a master database.

Push and Exit-STI Stopper Station Push-to-Activate and Key-to-Reset button (SS-2122EX) has two Form C contacts. Features include a one-inch contact depth which fits into a standard one-inch deep electrical single-gang box. Contacts are rated 10 amps at 125/250 VAC, HP 30 VDC, 6 amps. The button includes the STI protective cover.

A First in Two Years!- Tane Alarm Product's now offers its four-color and 36-page catalog which includes residential and commercial contacts; video equipment; wire duct protection; B-connectors along with BNCs; sirens; shock sensors; strobes; drill bits; and magnets. Especially new is an "E-Z" track mount switch-the TANE-96 Bi-directional.

Not Just about IP-Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution's 2011 Product Catalog highlights hundreds of manufacturer partners and thousands of product offerings including: IP; CCTV; access control; intrusion; fire; structured cable; sound; data communications; hardware; and business solutions.

Coming this Spring-Yale Locks & Hardware new deadbolt and lever locks are the first products in the Yale Real Living portfolio of residential access control and home security solutions. They support Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless protocols and include voice assisted programming in English, Spanish and French as well as personalized access-control scenarios for up to 250 users.