Product Watch

A look at what’s new in the market

IT Accessories-Crenlo (a Dover company) offers new power, airflow and lighting accessories for enclosure products, including: a 30-amp high-current power distribution unit (PDU); a rack-mounted blower (pictured); and a lineup of new rack lighting configurations. They can be used with a customer's existing enclosures, consoles and racks from other manufacturers.

Light the Way-Crestron Electronics' GLPAC-DIMFLV Integrated Lighting Systems are standalone lighting controllers. GLPACs control four to eight channels of dimmable or switched fluorescent loads and each unit can control a single room or up to four independent rooms.

Take It Outside-Both the M8930 (a 7-inch full-screen model) and the M8940 (equipped with a 6.2-inch screen and a 64-key QWERTY alpha-numeric keyboard) rugged tablet computers from DAP Technologies feature optically-enhanced touch screens that utilize ambient light to enhance viewing capabilities in all light conditions.

Audio/Video Arena Baluns-The AV790 series of Audio-plus-Video camcorder baluns from Energy Transformation Systems (ETS) are designed to enable a video camera to send component signals, or composite video signals and analog audio signals, over a single Category 5, 5E, or 6 unshielded twisted pair cable. Used in pairs they support 480p to 1080p composite or component video formats.

Batteries for UPS Applications-The EnerSys DataSafe 16V Battery Cabinets from EnerSys are now certified by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in California. To meet certification, OSHPD requires multiple units to be tested on a seismic shake table used to test the resistance of structures to seismic occurrences and ground motion.

Warranty Program Update-IQinVision's established a standard five-year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty on the IQeye Alliance-mini dome camera line and a three-year warranty on all other IQeye cameras. The warranty covers all moving parts, sensors, filters, fans, motors, lens assemblies, shrouds and slip rings.

Remote Control with the Swipe of a Finger-An iPad app for Lutron Electronics' RadioRA 2 total light control system allows homeowners to monitor and control their system while away from home (ideal for vacation properties) and enact a temporary, energy-saving "green" mode that reduces light levels and turns off unneeded appliances.

Keep It Clean with These Locksets-PD Series Hospital Push/Pull Mortise and Cylindrical style locksets from Marks USA feature an improved short retraction angle beneficial when a simple push or pull on the paddle using your elbow or forearm will open the door. This feature is mandatory for any door where unhygienic conditions may be prevalent.

Power Door Control-The 5900 Series X-in door operator from Norton Door Controls combines one-touch programming with the ability to calibrate door weight, latch and sweep speeds and positioning based on ADA and ANSI standards. The Stop and Stall feature stops the door if it hits an obstruction during the closing cycle.