Product Watch

A look at what’s new in the market

Ensure Your Audiovisual Transmission-Pakedge Device & Software's RSB-K24C pre-configured Audio/Video Bridging System is a versatile router/gateway security unit that includes the RT-50V Audio/Video Bridging Router; SW24-GBVC Audio/Video Bridging Switch with 24 VLAN ports plus 2 Fiber ports; and the RMB-FG Router Rack-Mount Bracket.

A Building Block for Control Room Video Walls-Matrox Graphics' Matrox Mura MPX Series display wall controller board line-up is available for collaborative display walls and matrix switcher/scaler installations. System integrators can add multiple MPX output/input boards within a single system and incorporate MPX video capture cards for high-volume, analog video input deployments.

Alarm System Add-On-The Protect Fog Cannon from Protect A/S provides a visual deterrent to intrusion by removing the intruder's ability to see and navigate the premise. The system is totally controlled by the alarm panel and can communicate with an alarm center.

Ideal for Integrators-The RF IDeas 82 Series lines of proximity, contactless and magnetic stripe badge readers make it possible to use an existing employee badge system with applications for door access, time and attendance, secure printing and single sign-on. The 82 series uses a callable DLL which allows for integrating reader functions into specific software programs.

Stand It Up Support Mount-Premier Mounts' Adjustable Mobile Stand (IPM-300) holds an iPad, Kindle DX or any 9.7-inch screen. A mounting arm expands or contracts for a snug fit. Mounting holes on the stand make it easy to attach the mount to a desk or flat surface.

Operation Interoperability-Quintron Systems' DICES VoIP command and control voice system is designed for use in Security Operations Centers (SOC).These features include: voice interoperability between telephone and radio connections; a single security officer interface to quickly manage calls and radios; and caller ID features to support rapid response to emergency calls from throughout a corporate campus.

RAID Passes the Test-Sans Digital's AccuRAID AR316FD/AR316FDR is now listed on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List. By using the VMware vSphere along with the AccuRAID AR316FD/AR316FDR, the storage data is centralized and fully protected with dual-redundancy to help ensure a non-stop operation in a 24/7 data center environment.

Mobile Imaging Redefined-Optimized for major software, hardware, platforms and sensors, Scalado's Image Processing Platform 5.0 can now be easily integrated with other technologies. By pre-integrating this platform with an advanced SOC system solution, chipset manufacturers can include a wide variety of sophisticated imaging applications on their own platform.