Video Analytics: Integrator-Ready

Refinements relieve the 'black eye' and add integrity

Let's be honest. Several years back no one wanted to touch analytics, or if they did they weren't sure if they could rely on them for an installation without having a constant headache in the way of false alarms or customer call backs. Now, more than ever, it's safe to say its become an integrator's friend, helping with license plate recognition and people counting and other specific tasks that handily get the job done and add incredible value to an installation-just in time.

The black eye on the technology that permeated the industry has disappeared and advancements in the way of new algorithms and software have helped make it a much more reliable technology that targeted properly, satisfies a variety of end-user specifications. Is it ready for mainstream? It could very well be. Case in point is a product designed for high-end home security by Cernium Corp., Reston, Va., called Archerfish(r) Solo. It's affordable video surveillance that uses Homeland Security technology and artificial intelligence in the camera, which actually 'thinks' and pays close attention to unexpected events. The camera looks for what you tell it to look for and will only send alerts on what you request. Whenever something out of the ordinary happens, Archerfish Solo sends video alerts to mobile phones or e-mail addresses, which is a beautiful way of managing alarms. Users can log onto a Web portal to view live or event video, change preferences or manage users from any Internet-connected computer, iPhone or Android.

For the professional installer crowd and central stations, Cernium introduced the CheckVideo Software Service. CheckVideo is a hosted intelligent video alarm verification solution that's integrated with central station automation software. It uses video analytics technology to look for pre-specified events and presents event video in real time to monitoring personnel, reducing false alarms, enabling priority response from the police with verified alarms and helping stop crimes in progress. The integrator installs CheckVideo at the site being monitored and connects it to the Internet, cameras and DVRs. CheckVideo allows integrators to offer more security and enhanced services to their customers, while increasing their monthly service revenue.

According to Craig Chambers, president and chief executive officer of Cernium, the analytics embedded in Cernium's products dynamically adapt to changes in the camera's field of view, so the days of tuning and adjustment are "long past." "Video analytics has become an enabling technology for an array of applications," Chambers said. "The video content analysis algorithms at the core of Archerfish are identical to those employed in Cernium's ExitSentry product for airport terminal security," he said. The perception-based analytics approach automatically tracks and classifies all the objects moving in the field of view; the user simply selects the kinds of objects and the patterns of movement that are to be reported. "There is no programming required in Archerfish," he continued. "All the configuration is done with point-and-click by simply drawing detection zones and checking boxes to specify what kinds of activities get reported to the user," he said. CheckVideo, he added, is sold to the alarm monitoring industry in support of all of its customers, both residential and commercial. It is currently compatible with Sureview, MicroKey, Bold and SIMS, with others in test.

Maturation point is now

According to Itsik Kattan, chief executive officer of Agent Video Intelligence (AgentVi), Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, video analytics has matured over the past several years as a result of the penetration of IP video and increased security concerns, brought about by large scale deployments of hundreds and thousands of cameras.

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