Midstate Security Takes Spartan Stores into Full Compliance

Payment card regulations propel retail grocer to IP

Another critical feature of the Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager software platform was the ability to reduce the time needed to manage privileges for about 175 employees authorized to view video. Spartan installed Cisco IP video surveillance cameras that capture video of the servers used to process credit card data, 24/7. The Cisco Video Surveillance Manager stores the video for 90 days. Authorized personnel in the on-site central command center and in stores use a Web interface to view real-time and archived feeds from cameras in one, some, or all stores, based on their access privileges. The Cisco Video Surveillance Operations manager can create access links to local police officers when needed, to view camera feeds from a laptop in their vehicles and connecting with the store's Wi-Fi network or a citywide network if available.

System wellness checks

Spartan Stores has approximately 3,050 in-store video surveillance cameras. Previously, security officers in the control center spent approximately one hour every shift to check digital video recorders (DVRs) and associated cameras for proper operation. If a camera failed immediately after the wellness check, the team might not discover the outage for another day or so and a delay in discovering a camera malfunction could be costly, especially if a theft/fraud, shoplifting incident or in-store injury occurred during that time period.

The Cisco Video Surveillance system reduces risk by continually checking the health of video surveillance cameras and automatically alerting personnel if transmission is impeded or delayed.

Midstate Security gave Spartan Stores a video surveillance solution that adds value above and beyond security and will help the grocer migrate into better operability and compliance.