Integrators and End Users Clearly See IP Benefits

Security is only the beginning

To some security dealers, offering new Internet protocol (IP) video technologies has been a foray into an entirely new area of technological expertise. To other integrators who have extensive knowledge of network technologies, the addition of IP surveillance has been an exercise in learning about cameras and video.  

Whether their expertise stems from the security or technology side of the house, integrators agree that network video is bringing to the table incredible value, flexibility and usability never before possible.  

Integrators, such as those chronicled below, continue to find they bring a powerful suite of applications and value to their company and the end user customer.


SecuritySolutions USA :   Betting on IP technology

For SecuritySolutions USA , Mustang, Okla. , an integrator with a history in security products integration, the shift to IP video was a learning experience.  

Russell Myers, vice president, Sales, SecuritySolutions USA recalled the move. “We made a decision about eight years ago to start offering video surveillance solutions,” Myers said.   “It was a new product line for us.   We could choose between learning about DVRs and VCRs or IP video, which was cutting-edge technology on the market at the time.   We made a bet on the future of IP video and invested in training on network solutions.   We placed the right bet.   Clearly, the future is here for IP technology.”  

Learning about IP solutions was an investment Myers and his team were willing to make. Offering network or analog video surveillance solutions would have required a learning curve. But taking the IP video route, their training simply involved managing and installing video on the network rather than an education in maintaining and managing DVRs .  

Myers finds that most are placing the same bet on the future of IP. “While adoption is just taking place now, everyone is either replacing or investing in IP video, or upgrading their DVR systems using encoders. Myers said analytics and integration with other data systems will eventually drive video exclusively to IP. “Plus, there are conveniences such as being able to capture and quickly locate the precise video needed. It's immediate with IP.”

In an independent school district in Texas , SecuritySolutions USA installed Wren, Atlanta , network video solutions including IP cameras and Wren Video Management System (VMS) software in 12 different sites networked together.   Using the software, the school superintendent can view video from across campuses and have instant access to real-time information.   It also allows the superintendent to verify that processes are being properly followed in all schools.   In a district-wide emergency or drill, the superintendent can instantly access video from each campus to see if staff has properly responded and collect real-time information about trouble spots.  

“Network video allows the schools' internal Information Technology (IT) staffs to better manage and maintain the system, saving time and money,” Myers continued. “The technology staff is accustomed to working with and troubleshooting appliances on the network.   Rather than having to call in specialists to diagnose problems and repair proprietary DVRs , schools can address problems immediately, saving time and money and minimizing downtime,” he said.     


Digital Dynamics: Video changes operations

Digital Dynamics, Channahon , Ill. , is an integrator serving government, education and small and mid-sized businesses.   In addition to full service IT technology consulting, networking and telephony services, Digital Dynamics provides turnkey IP surveillance solutions.  

IP is nothing new for Digital Dynamics. All the systems they sell run off of the network, from data and voice to video.   The new and exciting part for this integrator is seeing ever-expanding applications for IP video and how different industries incorporate it into every facet of their businesses.   

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