Market Focus: Airport Security

Airports Go Thermal: FLIR Systems Inc. has received multiple awards to supply thermal security cameras to U.S. airports. FLIR’s thermal and multi-sensor security cameras were selected for installation at major airports including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and the New York area’s four major airports — Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark and Teterboro.

The installations are part of the Department of Homeland Security’s domestic airport Perimeter Intrusion Detection initiative. The thermal security cameras are designed to secure the long perimeters typically associated with major airports. The cameras can “see” intruders at night without expensive and intrusive lighting infrastructure, making them flexible and effective airport security tools.

Florida Airport Deploys Active RFID System:
Charlotte County Florida Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda, Fla., has deployed a suite of Active RFID and Electronic Access Control solutions from Vuance Inc., to satisfy governmental access control and security requirements. A two-RFID tag system from the supplier’s AAID business unit controls access to airside operations from publicly accessible areas and hangars. The first RFID tag is in the vehicle (aircraft, fuel trucks, etc.), with a second given to the authorized operators of the equipment. When both tags are read by the AAID readers, the proper gate will open automatically.

Vuance also placed programmable tags in aircraft and readers on the airfield that can process information from the tags at distances of 2,000 or more feet moving at 200-plus miles per hour. Finally, the supplier’s Insignia networked control panels provide comprehensive physical access control to restricted areas. An access control software suite is used to monitor the status of all readers and touch keypads at all the entrances, as well as provide an audit trail.

LaGuardia and Newark Deploy Surveillance:
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) has decided to expand its deployment of the Nextiva Critical Infrastructure (CI) solution from Verint Inc., to include integrated analytics for enhanced passenger safety at all security checkpoints within LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airports. Nextiva Analytics Flow Control solution — designed specifically for crowded airport environments — will be deployed to enable PANYNJ personnel to detect persons walking in the wrong direction through a given secure area. 
LaGuardia Airport served over 25 million passengers across 72 aircraft gates in 2006, while Newark Liberty International Airport is the fifth busiest international airport in the United States, serving approximately 36 million passengers in 2006. Nextiva CI and its directional flow video analytics will help airport security personnel proactively identify suspicious behavior and respond to threats in real-time, helping to ensure the safety of passengers and staff.

IP-based System at Mexico City Airport:
Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is installing Bioscrypt’s V-Smart identity verification solution in order to strengthen the access control element of the security solution in its new, modern terminal. The airport has placed the multi-factor authentication physical access control readers at the entrance to its new Tier 4 data center, communications rooms and power facilities, in addition to all access points leading to high-security areas of the terminal. “The biometric readers are an integral part of the solution and are certainly no exception to the high standards set for Terminal 2,” says Gonzalo Martinez Ulloa, the CIO for Mexico’s Airport Administration Agency (ASA), which is responsible for design and implementation of the technology infrastructure at the airport. “The readers are deployed at the most sensitive and security-enhanced areas of the airport and they provide us with peace of mind, knowing that access to restricted areas will not be easily compromised.”

The readers at Terminal 2 are a part of an integrated access control solution that uses Lenel Systems’ IP-based access control platform and video software along with Axis Communications IP-based CCTV cameras and HID’s iClass smart cards.

Ben Gurion Selects Incident Management System:
Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, which handled 9 million international passengers and 405,000 domestic passengers in 2006, has chosen the SimGuard 3000 system from Rontal Applications Ltd., a developer and provider of incident management and business continuity systems. The system provides simulations, which help Ben Gurion Airport officials estimate threats and take the necessary measures to thwart them. The system displays real-time data to support decision-making processes in the areas of safety, security and business continuity. Following the planning and simulation phase, airport security professionals have added new devices as necessary. Currently, SimGuard is used at Ben-Gurion to modify and validate existing capabilities and security procedures.