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A comprehensive report on the security industry: Securing New Ground, the Business of Security, is available from Sandra Jones & Co. It's a perfect partner for anyone interested in investing or participating effectively in the security industry.
SD&I magazine has extracted one chart from this critical report, which details everything from access control and integrated systems to video surveillance, remote monitoring and financial and transaction information as well as customer trends that equal a bird's eye view of where the market is headed.

The chart from Imperial Capital (below) represents the estimated global security industry market, which generates approximately $180 billion in annual revenue, as reported by Jeff Kessler, a managing director of Imperial Capital. Kessler writes interesting commentary in his inclusion in the report, titled: Perspectives on the Security Industry. Here's one excerpt:

New technology adoption may change market share

"We believe end-users are becoming increasingly discriminating and demanding of the value added in their security systems as their monthly rates increase toward $40 per month. It is highly unlikely that customers will continue to pay these higher and higher monthly rates if they don't believe they are getting better value-add, better service, better police response and better peace of mind in return. Only those service companies that can prove their worth to customers with truly enhanced services and keep them happy appear likely to retain their customers, market share and revenues. This will require employing these newer combined technology and services, including: Web-based monitoring; real-time control of the premises; digital health and emergency response and event analysis; GSM two-way voice; monitoring and analytics of commercial portal openings and closings; user-determined sensor data, analytics and targeted responses; home automation (lighting and HVAC); video monitoring; energy conservation; and more." Source: Jeff Kessler, Imperial Capital

Another part of the nearly 300-page report by Morgan Keegan Research titled: Security, Safety and Defense Report, details 2013 Estimated Security and Safety Market. The company wrote the following: "We expect steady growth from other areas of this industry, including biometrics, sensors, risk mitigation, physical security, alarm services, IT security and guard services. In 2009 we estimated the largest segments were alarm services, guard services and IT security, while the fastest growing were biometrics, sensors and IT security. Over the next four years, we expect IT security and biometrics to increase their proportion of the overall market, while guard services, alarm services and risk mitigation will shrink (though all segments will see absolute dollar increases)."

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