Thank You for Your Comments

I want to thank everyone who's responded to an editorial I've written, articles we did; for all the thoughts you've shared with us, positive or not. The more we hear from you, the better resource we will be to you and our industry and this is our personal goal.

What once was one-way communication, us speaking to you in print, is now a two-way communications platform using multi-media products. We welcome this and the changing times. We've been embracing the new technologies affecting "our world" and we're using them to increase our value to you. If you've never visited our Web site,, you should. Our site is the number one portal in this industry according to, an independent research company that tracks and measures Web traffic. (SIW), features all sorts of interactive resources not done or possible in magazines. And SD&I covers different issues, in different ways, bringing them all to your front door; although in the end everything is rolled up into one dynamic enterprise on SIW.

We've been posting SD&I and archiving issues on SIW in digitized formats for more than one year and all ads have live links to advertiser's sites so you can get more information on their products with just a click. Take a look at SD&I online at, where you can download and share content with others with just a click of the mouse. And you can read and comment on articles, topics or have discussions with your peers about anything on our Facebook pages, too. Hop onto our Facebook page at Security Dealer & Integrator ( and make us a friend. Follow me at or Deborah O'Mara at Thank you to everyone who's linked me with you on LinkedIn. And feel free to e-mail me at, too. I mean it.

We are practicing what we preach over here. I'll be first to admit that it's not easy to keep up with the pace of change nor is it exactly clear where it's taking us. But if we don't or aren't change leaders, others will be and we'll be left behind. Security is a risk mitigation industry and thus has never been big on change, as change presents risks. But nowadays not adapting to change presents risks as well. I've heard it said that some folks prefer to ride it out 'as is' and they'll let the next generation do the changing later. At a recent conference one of the most respected financial advisors in this industry stated clearly that businesses with advanced technology skills and/or vertical market expertise or both are more in demand at the point of sale and thus are simply more valuable.

Our personal evolution and what we're becoming as a media company is nothing we did overnight. Our Web site was started back in 2005 with all the rest but it has evolved to what it is today, the hands-down leader in the industry. We're doing the same things with our publications and as a company-we're developing an infrastructure different from any other media company out there! It will make us more powerful, progressive and competitive and not just in security. It's exciting and there are days when it's not always clear how it's going to work and we may appear a little disheveled to the world at times, as we make our back-end changes. But the vision is solid and it accepts and embraces the changes impacting our world. The world is becoming more diverse, is offering more choices and is presenting new opportunities for all of us. Doors are opening to new paths that we can travel and expand our businesses with. If you look around and see what others are doing-watch, talk and examine the opportunities-the right path will roll out right in front of your eyes.