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Rim Exit Device

The Delayed Egress Advantex, Rim Exit Device (10xEE) from Detex is designed for primary and secondary exits and provides a secure 15-second delay and a 100dB alarm when someone attempts to exit. This 15-second delay allows time for management to respond, before someone exits and the alarm deters the exit from occurring. Per life safety requirements, the EE must be provided with a fire alarm input, thus providing a system override during a fire emergency. All Detex Delayed Egress Systems are provided with regulated and filtered power supplies. Ideal for retail stores, healthcare, assisted-living facilities, childcare, sports arenas and any location where a special locking delayed exit is required to prevent theft or to protect those trying to exit.
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Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

The new Electronic Keypad Deadbolt from the Master Lock Company offers several unique features. Eight keyway options support a wide range of installed systems, including Schlage C, Schlage E, Kwikset, Yale, Segal, Weiser or Arrow door hardware keys and the Master Lock Recodable cylinder. The ergonomic design makes it easy to install and program as needed to update for any new tenants. A special administrative code restricts programming privileges, and manual bolt operation enables easy operation. The deadbolt fits all doors with standard deadbolt prep and provides keyless access. It includes patented NightWatch deadbolt technology for enhanced security while meeting ANSI grade 2 standards.
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Multi-Point Exit Device Latching System

The FE5400S Multi-Point Exit Device Latching System from Corbin-Russwin is a three-point auto deadlocking system designed to help protect lives by securing shelters. Its extra-heavy duty steel components secure the door to the frame - at the top, bottom and center latch points - to withstand extreme wind speeds and flying debris. All three latching points are activated automatically when the door is closed. UL Listed and certified in accordance with FEMA 361 and ICC 500, the unit through-bolts on a door for solid attachment and is available in a variety of trim styles and finishes. It is ideal for community shelters and safe rooms, corporate campuses, schools, healthcare facilities, and government facilities.
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UL 294-Certified Wiegand Locks

The Harmony Series Integrated Wiegand Locks from Sargent Manufacturing Co., have received UL 294 certification. The certification ensures that the products are suitable for all environments and will perform in the most adverse conditions. The series offers maximum safety with a prox or iCLASS card reader and full monitoring capabilities. It uses a direct Wiegand output, eliminating the need for an interface panel. The Harmony Series has consolidated all components into the lock including the card reader, door position switch, and request-to-exit monitoring sensors cutting the installation time in half.
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Mortise Lock

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