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Marks USA's Auto-Reverse 5 Series Mortise Lock enables the lock handing to be reversed without removing the lock cover. The simplicity of the procedure allows reversal without exposing the internal components. The locksets are UL Listed, BHMA/ANSI certified to Grade 1, and include the supplier's limited lifetime mechanical warranty. Locksets are available in more than 40 functions, all with thru-bolted trims for automatic trim-lock alignment. Lever trims and lock bodies include independent support springs and self- adjusting spindles.
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Schlage CO-Series Standalone Locks

The Schlage CO-Series of standalone locks from IR Security Technologies offers a variety of options, enabling facility management to customize the right solution for a facility. Keypad only, proximity, magnetic stripe and dual credential plus PIN options are available. The innovative key-in-lever design also lets users leverage existing master key systems. Users can control where people go and when by setting up access rights and schedules in a central database which gets transferred to the locks using Schlage Utility Software with a handheld device. With some versions, audit trails can provide visibility as to who accessed a door and when.
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Intelligent Interlock Expansion Modules

Dortronics Systems Inc. has released expansion modules for its 4900 Series Intelligent Interlock System. The modules increase the number of relay outputs per module, enabling system designers to build on the standard mantrap configuration and program additional interlock configurations or operation requirements such as switching lock power, traffic lights, sounders, cameras or signaling a central console. The controller provides easy expansion for a virtually unlimited number of controlled portals, and can provide timed responses for the sequencing of peripherals, such as blowers, lighting or decontamination systems.
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Product Showcase: Visitor Management

EasyLobby/Schneider Integration

EasyLobby has announced the availability of an integration module with Schneider Electric's Andover Continuum and TAC I/NET access control products. This "tight" product integration enables end-users using Schneider Electric access control and EasyLobby's visitor management solutions the ability to issue different levels of access to visitors, contractors and employees directly from the EasyLobby SVM (Secure Visitor Management) visitor form. When a visitor is checked in at an EasyLobby station, an access proximity card or other credential can be activated for that visitor in real-time. When the visitor checks out, the credential is automatically deactivated. Cards do not have to be pre-programmed, and they can be reused.
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SaaS-Visitor Management Integration

Brivo Systems' ACS WebService Software as a Service (SaaS) access control solution has been integrated with Jolly Technology's Lobby Track visitor management software. The integration enables end-users to issue access control credentials directly from the Lobby Track visitor management system and assign credentials to visitors, contractors and employees. The implementation is seamless and configuration requires only the entry of the customer's Brivo account name and password into the Lobby Track system. The visitor management system accommodates the fast registration of visitors through a driver's license scan and a watch list check. A custom visitor badge is automatically printed, the visitor's host is notified, and a log of each visit is recorded.
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Thermal Expiring Visitor Badge